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Obama Reaction to Martha’s Vineyard Says EVERYTHING, While Venezuelan Aliens Puncture Attack on DeSantis

The Marthas Vineyard story is merely this type of window in to the hypocrisy of the left and the liberal media.

We saw them flipping out, and the city declaring a humanitarian crisis, after having just 50 people delivered to them, treating it as though Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had been cruel for sending them to the vacation mecca. And the liberal media was around it, discussing the towns kindness. However the group wasnt even there for just two full days prior to the individuals were shipped out to Joint Base Cape Cod. So much to be a welcoming sanctuary city.

We even saw a homeless advocate there, complaining they didnt have the facilities to place the group up in the city.

Add 50 illegal aliens and a rich liberal utopia becomes Thunderdome. However they all insist border states eat millions.

Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) September 16, 2022

So, Fox made a decision to ask Barack Obamaand a few of the other high-profile Democrats who’ve homes thereif they might start their homes to possess one particular stay there. Lo and behold, these were remarkably silent when pressed.

Former President Barack Obama and many other high-profile Democrats who own homes on Marthas Vineyard have remained silent on if they will start their homes to supply comfort to any illegal immigrants delivered to the island by Republican governors.

Representatives for the former president didn’t react to multiple requests for comment from Fox News Digital on whether he’s got considered checking his sprawling 29-acre estate on Marthas Vineyard to illegal immigrants who’ve been delivered to the island or could be later on.

Furthermore, Fox News Digital reached out to representatives for prominent public supporters of President Biden who own homes on Marthas Vineyard but didn’t get a response.

They included James Taylor, director Spike Lee, and talk show host David Letterman.

Several locals, including crime novelist Jane Chittick, called on the Obamas to take illegal aliens.

I dont think people just like the Obamas with huge estates who live within the summertime will care (concerning the migrants), Chittick told the brand new York Post. I’d love to start to see the Obamas start their huge property and erect tents and appearance after all these folks while theyre being processed.

But needless to say, Obama is missing when real action is necessary on his alleged principles.

However, all of this reaction and concern was missing when it found an incredible number of illegal aliens flooding over the border.

Leftist hypocrisy: National Guard delivered to interdict 50 illegal immigrants who disturbed liberals golf games & Chardonnay at Marthas Vineyard.

Biden does NOTHING to handle 4.2 MILLION illegal immigrants who’ve flooded small towns in Texas.

Biden doesnt care.

Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) September 16, 2022

Because the group was shipped out to Joint Base Cape Cod, Obama and the others werent put to the test. But before they left, they blew up another liberal narrative that has been being released there, concerning this being this type of cruel action by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Some on the list of group said these were not angry at DeSantis for sending them to Marthas Vineyard; indeed, some thanked him for sending them to Marthas Vineyard, Telemundo senior Washington correspondent Cristina Londono revealed.

MEDIA/DEMS: “Ron DeSantis is really a human trafficker, a kidnapper, an unholy Christian, and is mistreating humans as political pawns!!!”


Lie-Able Sources (@LieAbleSources) September 17, 2022

A lot of people would like to spend a few days in Marthas Vineyard. So, this isnt exactly likely to help the Democratic narrative with this story.

DeSantis blasted the lefts a reaction to all of this.

They are voluntary transportations that theyre registering for, but theyre given an excellent ride, theyre given everything and thats a humane move to make, DeSantis said Friday. Whats not humane is what [President Joe] Biden does, hes given a false promise, the borders open, luring visitors to come here for political purposes and basically cutting these folks loose and leaving them high and dry.

However the left doesnt desire to respond to Bidens false promises, and him shipping people from coast to coast at night of night, because that may put a spotlight on the hypocrisy. They could suffer from the true problem herethat the border is open and theyre not doing anything about any of it.

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