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October Release Date of Management of Novice Alchemist Confirmed

Life often disappoints humans. Sarasa, the protagonist of the Management of Novice Alchemist anime is really a first-hand sufferer of the fact.

She thought graduating from the prestigious alchemist academy would guarantee a safe future. Little did she understand that a passage through fire was looking forward to her.

The Management of Novice Alchemist anime will premiere on October 3, 2022. Its opening theme song is Hajimaru Welcome by Aguri Oonishi, and the ending theme Fine Days is conducted by Nanaka Suwa.

Browse the latest trailer to obtain a short glimpse at Sarasas beginnings of a miserable life:


TV anime Rookie Alchemists Store Management Bansen CM (before broadcasting) | Start broadcasting on October 3, 2022

Sarasa passed her academy with flying colors, and what awaited her was the main element to her very own shop. She thought those keys would unlock a grand shop, no abandoned old shack in the center of nowhere.

The incomparable shock she receives is rare. Well, she’s her work cut right out. She has to start out from scratch and build-up the complete place while improving her skills. Some talented friends can help her hunt, gather, and sell her medicine.

Two new cast members are also revealed :

Character Cast Other Works
Ophelia Millis Mitsuki Saiga Henry Legolant (Black Clover)
Maria Ami Koshimizu Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)

Ophelia is Sarasas sensei and the main one who played the cruel joke by gifting her a divided shop. She actually is mostly of the master class alchemists and taught Sarasa the fundamentals. Maria is Ophelias store clerk who cares about Sarasa.

The street before Sarasa isn’t just bumpy but downright dangerous. Can she and her friends overcome each one of these difficulties to become renowned alchemist?

About Management of Novice Alchemist

Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei is really a light novel series by Mizuho Itsuki that’s inspiring an anime. The light novel was initially published on November 1, 2018, on the Lets be Novelists website.

The anime targets Sarasa who has just graduated from the royal alchemist school. She receives a fresh shop as something special from her master and immediately departs to create her life up in her very own place.

Little did she understand that the home is in a dilapidated condition where she’ll need to start her business from scratch.

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