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OFFICER Arrested After Speedboat Kills British Girl, 9, in Albania

An off-duty officer has been arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide following a 9-year-old British girl was killed by way of a speedboat on a beach in Albania.

Jonada Avdia, who lived in Barking, east London, was on christmas in her parents home country and was swimming in the ocean 15 feet from Potami Beach in the city of Himare, not definately not the Greek border, on Tuesday when she was struck and fatally injured by the speedboat.

The tragedy unfolded before a huge selection of people on the crowded beach and photographs were posted on social media marketing of the childs distraught father, Bledar, apparently grappling with the boats driver.

An Albanian police watchdog, the authorities Oversight Agency (AMP), said the complete chain of command of the neighborhood Directorate for Border and Migrationwhich is in charge of preventing boating accidentshad been fired following a incident.

The Albanian news agency, Top Channel, said the person responsible for the speedboat was Arjan Tase, an off-duty officer from the town of Elbasan, who was simply on christmas in Himare.

The AMP said Tase have been arrested for negligent homicide following the incident, which happened around 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

On its Facebook page, AMP said Tase was driving the boat fromPorto Palermo to Potami, with other members of his family up to speed, once the incident occurred.

Police Watchdog Say Speedboat Broke Water Traffic Rules

AMP said, in a statement translated from Albanian: At Potami Beach, unlike water traffic rules, [he] inserted the float vehicle in to the waterspace designated for vacationers. This aquatic area has been surrounded by plastic bowls [sic], based on the provisions in the legal acts that normulate [sic] this activity.

It continued to state that, after dropping his relatives off at Potami Beach, Tase performed careless manouevres as he headed back towards the open sea.

The boat then struck the tiny girl in the trunk, killing her instantly.

Police chief Gledis Nano has dismissed 15 officers in the neighborhood Directorate for Border and Migration in the nearby city of Vlora and setup a particular group including specialists in migration, public security, and professional standards to work to avoid future incidents with vessels.

Himare, a favorite beach resort south of Vlora, houses an ethnic Greek community and was the house town of Pliny the Elder in ancient Greece.

The Avdia family is thought to have moved to England for work and Jonada was created in London, that includes a thriving Albanian and Kosovan community.

Chris Summers


Chris Summers is really a UK-based journalist covering an array of national stories, with a specific fascination with crime, policing and regulations.

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