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Olivia Newton-Johns Niece Reveals the Touching Words She Shared Before Dying

Olivia Newton-Johns niece shared information regarding the Grease stars final days, saying, Its not just a shock.

Remembering the life span of Olivia Newton-John

It appears OliviaNewton-John‘s passing wasnot sudden on her behalf family.

On Aug. 8, thebeloved Greaseactress died in her Southern California home, her husband John Easterling announced on Instagram. Only a day after her passing, Olivia’s niece has shared furtherinformationabout the actress’ declining health amid her decades long struggle with breast cancer.

“It wasn’t just the cancer that got her, it had been other complications, being in a hospital sufficient reason for an extremely susceptible disease fighting capability,” Totti Goldsmith told Australia’s 9 Now News. “She got secondary infections. She really transpired during the past five, six days.”

Tottisharedthat Olivia had beentaking cannabinoids ahead of her death, but her degree of paincontinued to intensify and the drug provided light relief ultimately.”It is helped her, but down the road it wasn’t enough,”she explained, adding that Olivia “really struggled with plenty of pain.”

Being conscious of her aunt’s continuing discomfort, Totti saidthat she wasnot surprised to understand of Olivia death.”It isn’t a shock, we’ve known how sick she’s been,” she noted, “especially the final five days.”

Although Totti was struggling to see Olivia personally, she shared that she could have a particular moment with her aunt before she passed on the phone before she passed, because of the actress’ husband John.

“I couldn’t reach America with time and I needed to state goodbye, therefore i asked him if he could contain the phone around her ear,” Totti said. “But he got me on Facetime therefore i were able to see her.”

“I informed her everything I had a need to say. She was leaving us,” she shared, “but I possibly could feel just like she first got it.”

David Livingston/Getty Images

Throughout their last moments, Totti said shetook time and energy to ask Olivia a significant question: “I thought to her, Are you currently afraid of dying?’ and she said, I’m not afraid. I’ve done more in my own life that I possibly could have ever truly imagined.'”

Look back at her incredible life in pictures here.

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