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Olivia Wilde Shoots Down Rumored Feud with Florence Pugh

Olivia Wilde Shoots Down Rumored Feud With Florence Pugh

9/5/2022 11: 29 AM PT

Olivia Wilde doesn’t appear to be a person who is beefing with Florence Pugh … shooting down the narrative there’s infighting between director and actor.

Olivia addressed the elephant in the area Monday at a press conference for the movie she directed, “Don’t Worry Darling,” throwing cool water on the idea there’s bad blood with the best lady.

OW heaped a great deal of praise on FP at the Venice Film Festival in reaction to a question about clearing the air on the rumored falling out in clumps with Florence.

Once we reported … there has been a great deal of drama around “Don’t Worry Darling,” with rumors Florence was upset about how exactly the shoot transpired back 2020, when OW reportedly started dating Harry Styles.

Olivia, Harry and Florence all arrived separately to Venice … only fueling the rumors of simmering beef … but Olivia explained Florence have been busy shooting the ‘Dune’ sequel in Budapest. For his part, Harry is fresh off a concert in NYC.

The gang all managed to get promptly for the movie premiere though … and took group pictures.

Important thing for Olivia … all of the drama surrounding the film is merely gossip and noise.

She’s essentially saying, don’t worry darling.

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