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One-Punch Man Manga Requires a DESERVED AND NEEDED One-Month Break

One-Punch Man

Soon after the release of the most recent One-Punch Man manga chapter this week, illustrator Yusuke Murata visited Twitter to announce that the series will undoubtedly be going for a break for “around per month” to “plan the near future” of the series with the staff to verify a return date at another time. Murata also revealed that whenever the heroic series returnsit will undoubtedly be with a fresh arc.

(@NEBU_KURO) August 18, 2022

One-Punch Man‘s latest chapter capped off the long-running arc featuring Garou because the main foil to Saitama’s discounted shopping sales. The redrawn version of the series, compiled by original creator One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata,is released onShueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump platform, having an English version released on the Shonen Jump app.

One-Punch Man, Ch. 167: Genos and Saitama make an effort to seem sensible of a fight so powerful it defies the guidelines of time and space! Read it Clear of the state source!

Shonen Jump (@shonenjump) August 17, 2022

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Because the final chapter of the arc release, One-Punch Man also confirmed a third season of it anime adaptation is in production.Crunchyroll streams the anime, that is referred to as such:

Saitama began being truly a hero simply for fun. After 3 years of special training, he became so powerful he can defeat opponents with an individual punch. Now, alongside Genos, his faithful cyborg disciple, Saitama is preparing to begin his official duties as a specialist hero dealing with the Hero Association.

However, the frequency of monster appearances is surging also it increasingly appears as though the fantastic Seer Madame Shibabawas prediction concerning the Earths doom is coming true. Amid this crisis, the hero hunter Garou makes their own appearance.

Source:Yusuke Murata on Twitter

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