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Only Oz Can Stop probably the most Radical Senate Candidate in U.S. History

The Pennsylvania Republican primary was a messy affair and thats putting it nicely. The three-way brawl between Dave McCormick, Kathy Barnette and Dr. Mehmet Oz was probably the most divisive and ugly primary fights within the last decade. Primary fights are likely to end as soon as we’ve a nominee, as soon as it goes from us against us to us against them.

To the delight of Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman, the most common rally-round-the nominee that people see by the end of a primary a good divisive one has been slow that occurs in Pennsylvania.

Some high-profile conservatives, angry over what they believe was an incorrect decision created by the Pennsylvania Republican primary voters, have continued to teach their fire on Dr. Oz the Republican nominee for Senate instead of on Democrat John Fetterman.

Lets be absolutely clear, if elected John Fetterman will be the most radical Senator in USA history and the one thing standing between Fetterman and a 6-year term in the Senate is Dr. Mehmet Oz.

This is simply not a selection between Oz as well as your ordinary mainstream Democrat, hell this isnt a good choice between Oz and a committed progressive. It is a choice between Oz and a radical left-winger think Bernie Sanders in a hoodie.

John Fetterman has advocated for releasing one-third of convicted felons back to Pennsylvania communities, while at exactly the same time echoing radical calls to defund the authorities. Fettermans policies on crime and criminal justice are located in an ideology that puts the rights of violent criminals above those of law-abiding citizens.

And its own not only on crime where Fetterman is far outside the mainstream. Fetterman can be an enthusiastic supporter of Alexandria Ocasio Cortezs hairbrained Green New Deal and supports a Bernie Sanders style government takeover of our healthcare system.

At every turn, John Fetterman has consistently advocated for probably the most radical & most left-wing policy method of each and every challenge facing our country and hawaii of Pennsylvania.

Unlike Fetterman, his Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz is really a strong supporter of police and is focused on supporting the two 2nd Amendment rights of most Americans.

Dr. Oz will oppose the Green New Deal, will oppose a large government takeover of our healthcare and realizes that our policies should put the interests of working-class Pennsylvanians above left-wing special interests.

Like Biden, Fetterman has spent the complete general election hiding in his basement, while Dr. Oz has crisscrossed hawaii talking with voters and hearing them and their concerns.

Fetterman has spoken publicly once since his stroke, its unclear at this stage whether Fetterman even gets the mental capacity or physical stamina necessary to get the job done of USA Senator.

It really is unclear whether Fetterman will take part in any live debates with Dr. Oz or face any serious questioning. The one thing more frightening than Bernie Sanders in a hoodie may be the prospect of six years of Weekend at Bernies representing Pennsylvania in the Senate. We’ve seen precisely how disastrous it really is for America when elected officials arent physically or mentally around the work we certainly dont have to replicate the Biden experience in the U.S. Senate.

Despite what some could have you think, this election isnt in regards to a segment Dr. Oz did on his show 15 years back or about in which a candidate shops for his or her groceries it really is concerning the future of our country. The stakes are simply just too much to send a radical left winger to Washington to serve for six years in the usa Senate.

Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer want only to keep the circular firing squad on the proper they understand that a divided GOP may be the only way their radical candidate wins in Pennsylvania.

Enough time for grievances has ended. The primary is performed. It’s time to rally round the only man who is able to stop John Fetterman Dr. Mehmet Oz.

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