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OpTic and FPX looking favored in Final Four VALORANT Champions 2022

After much drama, back-to-back clutch rounds, and an epic bug decision, the ultimate four teams of VALORANT Champions 2022 have already been revealed. Without region left with several representative, LOUD, FunPlus Phoenix, DRX and OpTic Gaming are closer than ever before to the trophy.

Starting on August 31st, the year-end tournament finally requires a two-day break for the very first time in a busy calendar. During this time period, teams will undoubtedly be resting and reviewing their trained in an attempt to become more prepared for the ultimate matches.

We’ve two matches to debate. Sadly, we don’t get to start to see the FNC vs XSET rematch duel we predicted. But, we’ve banger matches nonetheless.

The Final Countdown - VALORANT Champions 2022

FunPlus Phoenix vs DRX

Regardless of how ready and how well they perform, DRX always end up in the lower-bracket in international tournaments. Getting eliminated in Lower-Bracket Round 2 atlanta divorce attorneys tournament through the 2022 season, the team has taken their success one step further. They face FunPlus Phoenix in Lower Round 3, for a long-shot at the finals.

At Masters Copenhagen, both of these teams met in Lower Round 2 and FPX won that series 2-1, eliminating their opponent from the tournament. Considering the performances in this event, its safe to state that history is quite more likely to repeat itself. Especially Zyppans and suygetsus increasing play gives DRX lots of headaches.

If we reach guess a scoreline, Id safely get a clean 2-0 by FPX.

LOUD vs OpTic Gaming

The rivalry between LOUD and OpTic grows with each new international tournament. That they had to face one another atlanta divorce attorneys event they took part in together. So much in order that LOUD players expressed their discomfort with the statement:

We have been sick and tired of playing OpTic atlanta divorce attorneys tournament.

Just as much as the players desire to share their thoughts, there exists a reality before us. LOUD are arriving at avenge the disappointment OpTic gave them at Masters Reykjavk. However, the UNITED STATES representative really wants to make their mark in 2022 by winning the most crucial tournament of the entire year.

Whether its a twist of fate or something Riot planned, both teams journey to VALORANT Champions 2022 began in Group B. After early wins, OpTic defeated LOUD in the Winners match to top the group and advance to the playoffs, pushing their opponent to second place. With the group match, the UNITED STATES giant had an obvious advantage over their opponent. Playoffs went well for both teams. LOUD beat DRX and Leviatn, while OpTic defeated Team Liquid and XSET.

LOUDs smoker, pANcada, has been the very best player on his team, averaging a 1.13 rating up to now. On the OpTic side, this title is held by crashies with 1.12. The UNITED STATES representatives habit of losing at the very least 1 map atlanta divorce attorneys series always puts them in a hard situation. If LOUD can capitalize with this weakness, they are able to remove their arch-rival this time around.

Expect three maps played here, with OpTic likely finding yourself at the top.

If we check out potential Valorant betting markets, we are able to two fold a good slip for ourselves. Choosing correct score on both matches will earn us ten-fold (10x) return at DuelBits. This simply means taking a 2:0 win for FPX and a 1:2 win for OpTic in both series.

Alternatively, taking a safer bet, and guessing winners of every match still earns you three-fold returns.

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