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OpTic Gaming Signs Botez Sisters, Minx, and Miko

OpTic Gaming has just signed four female creators, every one of them powerhouses of streaming with an enormous collective following. This bolsters OpTic Gamings reach by attracting a lot more than four million followers, that your four content creators have amassed over many years of building their very own communities. These signings contain the Botez Sisters, Alexandra and Andrea, JustaMinx, and CodeMiko.

Not merely is this a monumental signing when it comes to follower acquisition, but its also a diverse expansion of what OpTic Gaming already offers. Firstly, the Botez Sisters are most widely known because of their remarkable chess content on Twitch. Then, theres JustaMinx, a charismatic creator with an increase of than two million followers. Finally, the collection is topped off with CodeMiko, a creator that runs on the mix of personable content and deeply realistic motion capture technology to generate innovative, unique streams.

Expanding The OpTic Ranks

In a single fell swoop, OpTic Gaming has secured a few of the top female talent in the wonderful world of article marketing. Being an iconic friend group, the foursome joins OpTic Gaming as a unit, having been assembled as a article marketing team by Envy back January of 2022. Since that time, the group has resided in a content house in LA, producing streams and videos that can entertain an incredible number of viewers.

This past year, in November, it had been revealed that OpTic Gaming and Envy would merge, uniting both brands. However, in June 2022, Envy Gaming was effectively retired, and all Envy-related entities were re-branded as OpTic Gaming. At the moment, its unknown if the group will stay in LA, or if theyll relocate to Texas to be nearer to the home of OpTic Gaming. For a few, this group had been beneath the OpTic Gaming banner, but this signing helps it be official.

Heres a failure of the four creators:

  • Alexandra and Andrea Botez: Canadian-Romanian chess streamers with one of the primary followings in the vertical.
  • Youna CodeMiko Kang: A sophisticated VTuber creating innovative content by way of a 3D virtual persona.
  • Rebecca JustaMinx: An entertaining and charismatic creator with an enormous, supportive community.

Lately, OpTic Gaming has been expanding its ranks, checking its doors to creators and streamers. This signing represents the most recent step on the road of a brandname domination, with OpTic Gaming wanting to become among the biggest names in esports and article marketing.

At the moment, OpTic Gaming competes in Call of Duty, Rocket League, Halo, Valorant, and Apex Legends. Previously, the organisation has fielded teams in CSGO, Gears of War, PUBG, Fortnite, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

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