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Oscar Winner Mark Rylance & Wife Claire van Kampen Team With Steven Spielbergs Amblin On New TV Project

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar-winning star Mark Rylance and his wife Claire van Kampen, a playwright, composer and director, have teamed with Steven Spielberg and his Amblin Entertainment on a TV project, the actor revealed to Deadline.

Its a historical project, about a thing that happened in American history, Rylance (Dunkirk) said at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.

Rylance appears in director Luca Guadagninos compelling cannibal drama Bones and Allalongside Timothe Chalamet and Taylor Russell. Guadagnino, Russell and Rylance have already been attending screenings at the festival.

IT drama for Spielberg is under wraps, Rylance said, and he was reluctant to go over it at length.

Steven Spielberg
Steven SpielbergFrazer Harrison/GI

However, Deadline has learned that it’ll, partly, explore the Battle of Homestead, the tragic 1892 labor dispute at the Carnegie Steel Co. in Pennsylvania that resulted in bloody clashes between members of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers, locked out from the steel mill during an industrial dispute, and security officers doing work for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, hired by Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Clay Frick.

Rylance and van Kampen decided to produce a stage drama concerning the U.S. steel industry between your Civil War and World War I.

However, without actually specifying the main topics the project for Amblin, Rylance said, Ive been focusing on it as a play, and today Ive suddenly realized that it may be a TV thing, and [Spielberg] agrees. He added he and van Kampen have completed the treating the initial episode.

Rylance, van Kampen and Spielberg have already been close friends for many years. Spielberg directed Rylance in The BFG (2016) and Bridge of Spies (2015), which won him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

With regards to playing a flesh eater inBones andAll, Rylance argued that the cannibals aren’t sociopaths or psychopaths; they will have an affliction and theyre conscious that its a harmful affliction, and theyre attempting to make the very best of a negative situation, he explained.

They would like to do good, Rylance insisted. Theyre attempting to be good. Theyre ethical characters; they discuss rules.

Indeed, the films targeted at those that constantly break the guidelines: humans. Oh, my God! Rylance cried. Americans and the English people! We have been consuming UNDER-DEVELOPED people right now.

Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell at the Telluride Film FestivalBamigboye/Deadline

In the event that you consider having a cuppa tea or perhaps a sit down elsewhere, you can find people dying to supply that. Our films a lovely allegory of our consumptive, narcissistic society. Im on no high seat saying that; Im in the same way guilty as other people, he admitted.

Now, are we likely to stop? We cant! Were consuming the planet earth! he said looking utterly disgusted.

He observed, philosophically, You can find so many methods to consume someone else, apart from eating them.

At its heart though, Bones and All is really a love story, said Rylance, relating to the fine young cannibals played by Chalamet and Russell.

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