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Over 99% of Netflix subscribers arent playing its mobile games

Were approaching on per year since Netflix began offering mobile games within its service. Everyone with a Netflix account has usage of over 20 mobile games on iOS and Android which are free to play. They dont require yet another subscription, they dont have an upfront cost, plus they dont have in-app purchases. It could appear to be a compelling perk, nonetheless it works out that hardly any subscribers are in fact playing these games.

Nobody is playing Netflixs mobile games

In accordance with app analytics firm Apptopia (via CNBC), users have downloaded Netflix mobile games 23.3 million times. That’s about 10% of Netflixs 221 million subscribers, but only one 1.7 million users are playing the games every day. That number makes up about significantly less than 1% of the full total subscriber base. It would go to show precisely how slow adoption has been.

As CNBC notes, Netflix does what it could to retain current subscribers while attracting new ones. The business reported a 200,000 subscriber loss in Q1 2022 and lost nearly one million more in Q2. Efforts like this were designed to reverse that trend.

Leanne Loombe, Netflixs head of external games, discussed the companys plans through the Tribeca Film Festival last month (via Variety):

We were only available in November of this past year, so just a couple of months and were still intentionally keeping things a bit quiet because were still learning and experimenting and racking your brains on what things will actually resonate with this members, what games people desire to play. So its important that we involve some time to build-up compared to that.

Netflixs mobile game library currently features 24 titles, including Stranger Things: 1984, In to the Breach, Hextech Mayhem, Asphalt Xtreme, and Exploding Kittens. By the finish of the entire year, the business claims that it’ll offer 50 games to subscribers cost-free.

The continuing future of Netflix Games

Netflix is actually focused on making gaming a pillar of its service continue. But its unclear the way the company plans to convince subscribers to play its games. There are several quality titles on that list, but the majority are relatively simplistic when compared to biggest mobile games in the marketplace. None of the titles can contend with Pokemon Go, Fortnite, or Genshin Impact. Until Netflix includes a killer app, it’ll battle to make a direct effect.

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