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Overwatch 2’s Lead Hero Designer Leaves Blizzard

Overwatch 2 designer Geoff Goodman has left Activision Blizzard.

In accordance with PC Gamer, Goodman was the lead hero designer behind a lot of Overwatchs hottest characters, but made a decision to leave Blizzard earlier this season.

We thank Geoff for his a long time of service at Blizzard and wish him best wishes, the business said in a statement to PC Gamer. His capability to bring alive Overwatchs diverse hero roster through gameplay has been incredible, and the mark hes left on the Warcraft and Overwatch teams will undoubtedly be felt for a long time ahead.

Goodmans involvement with Overwatch dates back to the beginning. He was up to speed back when it had been Blizzards project Titan an MMO that has been eventually converted into the Overwatch we realize today.

With regards to Overwatch, he helped rework Doomfist and Orisa in addition to design new heroes, Sojourn and the Junker Queen. He also likely helped design lots of the heroes in the upcoming sequel, Overwatch 2.

No reason was presented with for Goodmans departure, but his exit will come in the wake of several high-profile exits following Blizzards harassment and discrimination lawsuit. Given the companys shake-ups already, that is bound ahead as a blow.

Especially since Overwatch 2 is significantly less than per month from launch on October 4, 2022.

Needless to say, a lot of Goodmans focus on the sequel could have been completed already, with hero designs for Overwatchs newcomers well set up. But as a live service game, its have to a lot of new heroes in the coming months and years and losing Goodman isnt ideal.

Overwatch 2 – Season One Overview

With regards to Overwatch 2 heroes, the brand new battle pass system will dsicover new heroes put into the games battle pass becoming unlockable at the free level 50 tier.

While Overwatch 2 heroes will each have their very own clear strengths and weakness, plus some heroes could be more effective against others, we believe our game plays better and is more pleasurable with fewer hard counters and a broader selection of effective hero picks, said Blizzard in a statement.

If this computes, remains to be observed. Nonetheless it looks as if Blizzard should look for a new lead hero designer eventually.

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Ryan Leston can be an entertainment journalist and film critic for IGN. It is possible to follow him on Twitter.

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