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Pants burning! Biden’s economic adviser fact-checked HARD for claiming there have been ‘no price increases in July’ (watch)

They think were stupid, folks.

Granted, individuals who still think Biden does an ok job are pretty stupid however the rest folks? CMON DUDE. Most of us went food shopping in July, we realize there were a lot of price increases last month.

Watch Bharat Ramamurti lie through his teeth:

Biden economic adviser Bharat Ramamurti: There have been “no price increases in July.”

The expense of food increased in July.

RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 26, 2022



Next, theyre likely to reveal inflation is transitory, or that its best for us, or that its Putins fault and theyll promise us the 12TH booster shot could keep folks from catching COVID.

Its all so exhausting.

I’m so glad the economy is fixed.

Tater Hotcake (@TaterHotcake) August 26, 2022


If we dont laugh we wont stop nausea.

They’re trained liars & half the united states somehow believes them while theyre paying more for everything.

Ken Jr Brauner (@KenNYbUnchained) August 26, 2022

About 1/3 of the united states buys it.

My electric bill skyrocketed too.

Rick Owen (@reowen0708) August 26, 2022

As a person who quite literally updated prices in my own summer job I for just one know that that is demonstrably false.

PreciselyPositive (@PreciselyPosit1) August 26, 2022

Team Biden does only LIE

minkbikini (@minkbikini) August 26, 2022

At the very least theyre consistent.

This administration never ceases to amaze

Willie DeZaldo (@FlaPack) August 26, 2022

That cant be true. As the government employees that are likely to clearly and truthfully communicate to the citizens stood there while watching white house sign and lied After all told us that theres no economic conditions that we arent really paying more. Its imaginary

.. (@LilBeanDip5012) August 26, 2022

Their pinnochio rating rises per hour.

Bev (@BevH111) August 26, 2022

“Food inflation in the usa hit 10.9% in July, the best since May of 1979.” source: TRADING ECONOMICS

Andy Martin (@Dollarlogic) August 26, 2022

But ummm Bidens dude says otherwise.


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