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Password Manager Dashlane Really wants to Usher in ‘Passwordless Era’



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Passkeys will be the future of security. So says password manager company, Dashlane. In a post this week, the business announced in-browser passkey support for his or her password management service. Users can begin importing passkeys generated by other services to their accounts.

The irony of a password management corporation assisting to destroy passwords isnt lost on CEO JD Sherman. The Verge reports the business chief said:

We said, guess what happens, our job would be to make security simple for users, which is an excellent tool to achieve that. So we have to actually be considering ushering in this passwordless era.

The technology behind the passkey involves replacing typing in a text-based password and only a public key cryptography model. Basically, your passkey is stored securely on your own smartphone. When you wish to log right into a site or service, your phone uses biometric data like photos and fingerprints to verify your identity and log you in. Dashlane is incorporating this kind of security into its password management system.

Dashlane joins tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft in ushering out the password era. The three big companies have a jv called the FIDO Alliance thats focused on eliminating passwords. Google demonstrated its passkey solutions earlier this season. Apple plans to roll out its passkey technology prior to the end of the entire year with the release of iOS 16. Microsoft currently supports passwordless schemes, though solely with Microsoft accounts.

Source: Dashlane via The Verge

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