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Patrick Beverley and Kevin Durant Have Heated Exchange Over Trade Drama

Patrick Beverley and Kevin Durant will always be a great rivalry to view, dating back to to 2019 once the Clippers faced the Warriors. When it had been finally announced today that Kevin Durant was time for the Brooklyn Nets, Beverley didn’t take kindly to the truth that it wasted every free agent’s time and energy to actually sign with a team.

“Yal can sit and dont say only that aint cool,” Beverley said in a tweet. “Its dudes with families out here who havent got employment for this reason KD sh*t. Also to be on / off aint cool. Blessing Gang”

In typical Kevin Durant fashion, the slim reaper taken care of immediately Patrick Beverley, giving a “#BLAMEKD” response.

Beverley gave Durant one last response, stating he wasn’t singling out Kevin Durant specifically.

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“Damn gang who said I was discussing u,” Beverley said. “Im talking about how it had been done. Both sides need keep that private. But noted”

While Patrick Beverley could be misunderstood here, he’s not wrong. Numerous free agents have already been waiting to see if they’ll get signed through the market being frozen while Kevin Durant and the Nets were negotiating. It offers other players less time and energy to find out their living situation, should they have to move, and how much cash they will be making. Isaiah Thomas himself recently just tweeted about any of it finally being over.

The Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving trade drama with the Brooklyn Nets appears to finally be over. Another big domino left to fall is set up Utah Jazz trade Donovan Mitchell. From then on final domino, we’ll truly have the ability to start to see the landscape of the NBA entering next season.

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