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Pause That Funky Music, ‘Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’ Release Pushed BACK AGAIN TO 2023

The wait to skate continues

Bomb Rush
Image: Team Reptile

Following trailer release for Team Reptile’s funktastic Bomb Rush Cyberfunk in the past in 2021, we’ve been feeling the groove while we await the official release date. Today, however, we’ve had to place that funky music on pause because the studio took to Twitter to announce that the overall game will never be released this season.

As noticed by the people at VGC, in a heartfelt message conveying the developer’s desire to have the overall game to be released in the perfect condition, Team Reptile has stated that the game’s launch date has been pushed back again to Summer 2023 an extremely un-groovy extension on the initial 2022 window.

Something of a spiritual successor to the Dreamcast’s Jet Set Radio, Bomb Rush is dripping in 2000s skate and graffiti punk, having an ear-worm-inducing soundtrack from Jet Set’s composer, Hideki Naganuma.

While seeing a casino game get pushed back is never easy (we miss you Advance Wars), the team’s concentrate on obtaining the finished product in a, erm, finished state is definitely promising much better when compared to a push-it-out-and-patch-it approach inside our books.

In addition, it looks as though we’ve some completely new visuals for the overall game dropping during the period of the week, in order that is something to check forward to, at the very least. Resume that funky music.

Are you currently excited for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk? Tell us precisely how funky you imagine it’ll become in the comments.

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