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PC Game Pass will now let you know how long it requires to beat games on the service

Microsoft is integrating data from the web site JUST HOW LONG To Beat into Game Pass. The business announced its partnership with the IGN-owned website Wednesday, saying it’ll update the Xbox app on Windows to provide Game Pass subscribers time estimates on the overall game details pages for some of the services titles on PC.

JUST HOW LONG To Beat is really a community-driven website that focuses on calculating the quantity of time it requires to play through games, based on your playstyle. In the event that you would like to get through the primary story for Death Stranding, for instance, it will require you 40 hours to start to see the credits roll. If youre a completionist and desire to finish the primary story, side quests, and unlock each and every achievement the overall game provides, it will require you 113 hours (that is a little significantly less than five days) to attain 100% completion.

The Death Stranding details screen displays How Long To Beat information in the Xbox app on PC.

Along with seeing playtime details upon clicking View Details, users can submit their very own times and see community reviews, playthrough notes, and data breakdowns predicated on playstyle and platform. Theyll likewise have the opportunity to organize their game library and help other players clear their backlog.

To greatly help gamers play games on Game Pass even more quickly, Microsoft also improved the performance of the Xbox app.

With recent update, the app now launches around 15% faster, and weve also made some fixes for overall better responsiveness once you connect to key experiences in the app, said Jason Beaumont, Xboxs partner director of product management for player experiences and platform. Weve seen crash-free sessions improve to 99.9%, and player reports of games that didnt download or didnt install successfully reduced by nearly half.

The integration of JUST HOW LONG To Beat into Game Pass is really a welcome change for players with busy lives. The web site already shares completion times for the most recent games on Twitter, so sharing those times on Game Pass titles will undoubtedly be a lot more helpful.

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