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Pearson Plans TO MARKET Digital Textbooks as NFTs

Educational textbook publisher Pearson has just announced its plans to show its textbooks into NFTs. Students usually do not typically need their textbooks after finishing their studies. Therefore, dropping textbook NFTs which can be in love with the secondary market is a superb chance for Pearson to create money from second-hand sales.

pearson textbook nfts
Pearsons digital strategy includes textbook NFTs.

Photo credit: Financial Times

About Pearsons NFT plans

Pearsons CEO Andy Bird explained that the sale of textbook NFTs allows the publisher to track the ownership of the textbook, even though it really is resold. In accordance with Bird: In the analogue world, a Pearson textbook was resold around seven times, and we’d only take part in the initial sale.

In accordance with Bird, the proceed to digital helps diminish the secondary market. He continued by saying that technology like blockchain and NFTs we can take part in every sale of this particular item since it undergoes its life.

This new plan will continue steadily to cement Pearsons digital strategy following the introduction of its Pearson+ subscription app in 2021. Although selling books as NFTs isn’t a totally innovative concept, it really is safe to state that book NFTs haven’t taken off just as as music or art NFTs. It is because many publishers remain cautious with NFTs, especially since their market places value on printed books.

Pearsons NFT strategy, however, could encourage other publishers to check out suit. In the end, offering multiple media opens up the to individuals who may not get access to the printed edition.

Education and the metaverse

Pearson is section of a growing set of educational institutions jumping on the metaverse bandwagon. Recently, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) launched its first metaverse classroom. Germanys Bookwire has generated an NFT marketplace for the publishing industry. Whats more, Roblox already offers lesson plans for most topics and age ranges.

However, not many people are convinced. Tech consultant Dr Ian Cutress tweeted: Is this really NFTs, or is this Pearson just allowing visitors to bundle a book right into a code, sell the code? Thats no NFT. NFT is a buzzword here. Remember that to be able to earn, Pearson charges the one who buys the code a $10 reactivation fee.

Time will tell whether Pearsons NFT strategy provides in regards to a paradigm shift in education and publishing. A very important factor is for certain, both of these sectors definitely have to get mixed up in metaverse, eventually.

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