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Perseid meteor shower 2022 peak: How exactly to watch it live online

The Perseid meteor shower will peak between August 11 and 12. Perseid is among the most beautiful meteor showers we get every year. However, this season, the Sturgeon Moon is likely to peak round the same time. Because of this, those who desire to watch the Perseid meteor shower in 2022 will see it difficult during its peak. To create up for that, the Virtual Telescope Project is hosting a live webcast on August 9.

How exactly to watch Perseid meteor shower in 2022

If youd prefer to watch the Perseid meteor shower personally this season, then youll have to head outside on August 11 and August 12. WHEN I noted above, the August full moon is likely to arrive around those same days. Consequently, seeing the shower personally can be a bit difficult because the Moons light may drown out the meteors. However, there’s another option.

In order to watch the meteor shower and obtain an improved glimpse of it, tuning in to the Virtual Telescope Projects live webcast is most likely your very best bet. The live webcast will start on August 9, prior to the Moon reaches its peak. The telescope feed will showcase any images of the meteor shower captured by the telescopes wide-field cameras.

Watching the Perseid meteor shower each year has turned into a tiny tradition for most sky watchers. Once the skies are obvious, you can observe between 50 to 100 visible meteors one hour. However, seeing them personally might be a little more troublesome as the Moon is defined to be so bright this season.

Where does this shower result from?

comet in the starry skyImage source: Tryfonov / Adobe

Debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle is in charge of the Perseid meteor shower. This comet travels an enormous 133-year orbit, and every year, particles from the debris cloud behind the comet reach Earth. The shower can be most prominently visible in the Northern Hemisphere. However, the visibility can transform in line with the current Moon cycle.

Perseid first appears in mid-July. However, the meteors dont peak until around August 9 to August 14, based on where in fact the debris stream is. You can test to view the Perseid meteor shower in 2022 by watching the sky prior to the Moon peaks or by tuning in to the Virtual Telescope Projects live webcast on August 9.

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