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Pet food warning from FDA: Stop feeding this food to your dog immediately

THE UNITED STATES Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning for Darwins Natural Pet Products raw cat food, telling customers never to feed their pets two different products from the business. The warning employs the detection of Salmonella strains in stool samples from the customers kittens. However, this is simply not something recall for the moment. Moreover, the business is disputing the FDAs warning, claiming your pet food involved is safe to consume.

The FDAs Darwins pet food warning

The FDA issued the warning on August 5th. The agency advises consumers never to feed their pets cat food from two specific product lots:

  • Darwins Natural Pet Products Natural Selections Antibiotic & Grain Free Chicken Recipe for Cats, Lot 9116, manufactured on, may 2nd, 2022.
  • Darwins Natural Pet Products Natural Selections Antibiotic & Grain Free Turkey Recipe for Cats, Lot 9121, manufactured on, may 4th, 2022.

The FDA received a written report of illness in three kittens in one household. The pets consumed the meals and developed diarrhea. Excrement sample in one of the kittens tested positive for Salmonella. A fourth kitten didn’t eat the meals and didn’t develop symptoms.

Furthermore, genome sequencing revealed the turkey in the cat food contained SalmonellaTyphimurium. The chicken contained SalmonellaTyphimurium and Kentucky.

Finally, the agency recommended Darwins issue a recall for your pet recall. However the company has so far declined to check out the FDAs guidance.

Image showing the product label of Darwin's Natural Pet Products pet food from the FDA warning.
Image showing the merchandise label of Darwins Natural Pet Products pet food product from the FDA warning. Image source: FDA

Salmonella in pet food is dangerous to humans, too

Any pet food contaminated with bacteria like Salmonella can be a risk for humans. Pets usually do not always display symptoms after contracting the pathogen. But should they do, they are able to develop vomiting, diarrhea (which might be bloody), fever, lack of appetite, and decreased energy.

Irrespective of symptoms, pets can still shed the bacteria via feces. Subsequently, other pets and humans may become ill.

Humans infected with Salmonella can form diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. The condition will pass with no treatment for many people. But Salmonella could be risky for a lot of. They could experience a life-threatening version of the condition that may result in hospitalization.

Darwins disputes the FDA warning

Darwins issued a memo to customers on August 4th, in anticipation of the FDA warning.

We believe the FDAs request is completely unnecessary; you can find no pet health threats to handle, the memo reads. We also believe the FDAs request is founded on flawed regulatory decision-making and also have taken making our position clear with the agency.

The business further details the condition case. Darwins says the three kittens ate from an adults cat bowl that contained some of raw food. Once the customer reached out to customer support, Darwins reminded them that raw pet food ought to be cooked before giving it to kittens under four months old.

Darwins adds that independent testing from the lab didn’t detect Salmonella in the merchandise. Based on the company, this shows that any potential presence reaches such low levels that it could not pose a risk to pets.

The business continued, Nonetheless, the meals samples were flagged beneath the FDAs zero-tolerance policy, that is largely created for human safety and for food that humans will consume, not pets.

Darwins says it have not received additional complaints from some other clients who purchased pet food from exactly the same lot numbers. The business thinks the meals was already consumed, since it shipped product from both lots months ago.

Finally, the business advises customers never to take any action apart from to stick to safe handling practices whenever handling raw food.

The bottom side of the Darwin's Natural Pet Products pet food product.
Underneath side of the Darwins Natural Pet Products pet food presentation. Image source: FDA

List of positive actions

Since this isnt something recall, its around customers to choose how to proceed about any Darwins pet food they could have within their freezers.

Customers who experience Salmonella infection symptoms should contact a health care provider. Similarly, they ought to consult veterinarians if their pets fall ill.

The FDA advises buyers to avoid feeding their pets food from both lots and throw it away in a secure container so other animals cant reach it. Furthermore, customers should clean refrigerators and freezers where they stored the merchandise. They ought to also disinfect all surfaces and objects used to feed the pets. Similarly, they ought to clean toys along with other surfaces the pets had connection with.

You need to browse the entire FDA warning as of this link.

Darwins thinks buyers shouldnt do anything apart from to take care of raw pet food responsibly. Browse the memo as of this link. Youll also find contact information for Darwins when you have questions concerning the FDA warning.

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