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Pete Carroll says his expectations for the 2022 Seahawks have become high

Competing as of this level for an extended period of time takes a certain mental makeup. For several their differences, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and former franchise quarterback Russell Wilson had that certain essential aspect in common: an unfailing irrational confidence occasionally spilling over into toxic positivity.

Just to illustrate: just about everyone who isnt a die-hard Seattle fan is predicting a rough 2022 season because of this team. (And also many of them are keeping their expectations because of this year realistic). As you may expect, Caroll isnt one of these. Talking to reporters after yesterdays practice, Caroll insisted hes very worked up about these Seahawks and his expectations have become high.

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Carroll: “I’m really worked up about this team. The leadership, speed, style. Now we have showing it. My expectations have become high.” #Seahawks

Aaron Levine (@AaronLevine_) September 5, 2022

That confidence can be an essential character trait for just about any championship competitor. On the other hand, in addition, it doesnt win football games.

Somewhat the rather-large men in the trenches still determine the results, but as Carroll would say the ball is everything and its own tough to compete in an activity once the guy youre giving the ball is on underneath end of the talent pool.

Until either Geno Smith or Drew Lock prove literally all the experts wrong and play such as a true starting QB, this teams ceiling will stay low.

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