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Pink Sauce provokes social media marketing savaging

Feedback investigates the powerful reach of a proprietary condiment, while also looking at the chess robot that broke its opponents finger – and a disturbing update to the most recent Sims gaming

Humans 3 August 2022

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Josie Ford

Dressing down

Time for elevenses and what could possibly be nicer to opt for this cuppa when compared to a cucumber sandwich slathered in Miami chef Carly Piis proprietary Pink Sauce?

Piis product launch wasnt the smoothest, based on the LA Times. A few misprints on her behalf labelling left purchasers with a 444-gram bottle that provided 444 servings. Precisely how powerful is this condiment? Too powerful for a few: the dragon fruit that lend the sauce its tang and lurid colour act rather like beetroot, which distressed some unsuspecting consumers, come their next bowel motion. Pii duly adjusted her formula,

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