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Pinterest Launches New Streamlined In-App Purchase Process for Shopify Merchants

Pinterests seeking to help Shopify merchants maximize their in-stream sales with the help of a fresh streamlined conversion process that may ensure it is faster and simpler for users to get direct from your own Pin listings.

Pinterest Hosted Checkout

As you can plainly see in this sequence, Pinterests new Hosted Checkout process enables users to choose all of the relevant product order info within the app, instead of referring you back again to a merchant website to create a genuine purchase.

According to Pinterest:

When someone shops from the product Pin with hosted checkout, they select the exact product they need – think colors or sizing. Then, they tap Buy to enter the hosted checkout experience via Shopify. From there, its only a matter of final details like shipping and payment.

That may significantly lessen the quantity of friction in the Pinterest shopping process, moving it more into line with Amazons 1-Click buying process.

Which may be bad and the good. Its definitely handy for once you find the appropriate item, and you also dont desire to disrupt your app session, nonetheless it could also result in much more impulse purchases that is best for Pinterest and the merchants implementing the procedure. But it might not be ideal for users, who will have some ugly, shiny, puffy jacket gathering dust within their cupboard (this might or may possibly not be a genuine example).

In any event, research shows that consumers do want more simplified shopping options, while Pinterests own insights show that shoppers whove used Hosted Checkout will create a purchase.

Theres also this interesting note:

Your product Pins may also get boosted organic distribution in places just like the Pinterest home feed, search and shopping surfaces.

So that it also aligns with the habitual, in-app behavior that Pinterest really wants to encourage, which, subsequently, will probably see you obtain more exposure by implementing its latest shopping tools.

Nonetheless it is somewhat limited for the present time.

Hosted Checkout happens to be only open to select US merchants that are getting involved in the Pinterest Verified Merchant Programand that use Shopify to market their products.

Eligible merchants will dsicover the hosted checkout section near the top of the shopping settings in the Shopify app. In the event that you start to see the option, transform it on, and youre all set.

So not widespread at this time, but if youre a Shopify merchant, and youve plugged your product catalog into Pinterest, you might now have the choice make it possible for streamlined, direct purchases in the app.

It may be an excellent consideration, and when you own it available, it might well be worth implementing now, in preparation for the Christmas sales rush.

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