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Pitch perfect: An AEC marketers guide to winning proposals


1. Separating the very best (proposals) from the others

Heres steps to make that winning special sauce for all you submissions.

Its prime RFP season and prime stress season for the people at your firm that are tasked with getting proposals out the entranceway promptly and on point.

Facing an extended type of proposals in a variety of stages of development, theres a temptation to simply accept submissions which are sufficient. However, as fiercely competitive because the bidding for most architecture, engineering and construction projects is nowadays, sufficient is rarely sufficient to win a pursuit. Generating the brand new business which your firm depends to cultivate, and landing the forms of projects your firm desires, depends upon the capability to create superior proposals and achieve this every time your firm decides to bid for a project.

As busy because the people on your own business development, marketing and proposal teams often are, so when enough time, data and effort that get into delivering proposals that put your firm constantly in place for a win, finding and following that winning formula could be a huge challenge.

Were here to greatly help. Predicated on decades of experience helping AEC firms hone their proposal approach, here are a few of the attributes that provide your submissions the very best potential for hitting the mark each and every time:

  1. Days gone by informs today’s. In the spirit of keeping it real, lets first acknowledge your firm wont win every project which it bids. Nor does it execute flawlessly on every project it can win. Instead of simply shifting carrying out a lost bid or perhaps a project misstep, however, the AEC firms with the strongest win rates find methods to study from them. For every submission, they analyze and document why they won or why they lost, and keep detailed records of past project experiences, then use that insight to see almost all their proposals in the years ahead. Where could we tighten the timeline for the brand new university science laboratory project which were likely to bid, predicated on our experience bidding on and/or executing similar projects? By developing a continuous feedback loop which includes all of the lessons your firm has learned, detailed by project and client category, by individual client and project, etc., youre developing a highly valuable, readily accessible reservoir of institutional knowledge your proposal teams can utilize to create an advantage and prevent repeating past mistakes.

  2. A compelling opening holds the reader/reviewers attention. Proposals are just like a book, a Television show or perhaps a song, at the very least in a single regard: The more attention-grabbing, imaginative and assertive its opening is, the much more likely the audience would be to stay engaged with it. However, a proposal whose opening is bland or nondescript may quickly lose its audience, and its own likelihood of winning a project bid. Just a little extra concentrate on creating a proposals introductory content more interesting, with hooks that draw readers in, could make an enormous difference in how readers go through the entire proposal.

  3. The attributes that produce your firm and its own people uniquely qualified to execute on a particular project come through loud and clear. How come your firm the very best someone to tackle this specific project? What attributes, qualifications and technical capabilities do the firm and its own project teams bring that others dont? Make sure to first understand, then underscore in the proposal, the positives which are probably to resonate with the business which will be evaluating your submission. Answer the essential questions and requests for information inside a proposal by highlighting the differentiators and strengths that produce your firm and its own people uniquely qualified for a project.

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