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Plane Crashes Onto Freeway, Catches Fire As Passengers Escape Wreckage

Plane Crash Catches Fire On CA Freeway … Passengers Escape Flames

8/9/2022 2: 12 PM PT

A plane crash on a busy California freeway certainly caused for a few serious traffic delays, but video from the incredible scene shows precisely how lucky the pilot and passenger were to flee.

The footage, obtained by TMZ, shows billows of black smoke towering above the crash on the 91 freeway in Corona, CA Tuesday. Surrounding drivers were forced to decelerate and pull over, following a witness says the plane “blew up” on impact.

You can observe the plane’s pilot and passenger escape the flaming wreckage, sprinting away because the whole vessel becomes engulfed. … luckily, authorities say both people riding in the plane escaped uninjured.

The flames also have since been released, but there’s some serious cleanup still to accomplish to clear everything out.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what caused the crash.

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