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Plug and play whey solution packs in 30% more protein right into a bars every layer

In a 2020 global trend study, HealthFocus International found a growing number of individuals are searching for protein-packed snacks around 80% from 69% in 2014. And where theres demand, theres typically supply, and the protein bar offering keeps growing exponentially in retail.

Having an increasingly saturated bar market, producers have to create not merely something sensational but a thing that will stick out and that typically is texture, a significant driver of consumer purchasing decisions. However, most bars available today comprise more of a uniform mass than confectionary indulgence, because of selection of complex processing challenges.

No compromise

To overcome this, AFI has launched a protein bar concept that packs in 30% more protein, without affecting its taste or texture or increasing its size.

The brand new recipe is founded on the companys whey and milk protein ingredients, which raises the protein content atlanta divorce attorneys section of the bar like the mass, filling and coasting and ensures the rich chocolate mass retains its flavour and softness throughout its shelf life. So when a plug and play solution, it could be used since it is or because the basis for a brands unique formulation.

New avenues for high-protein snacks

In the crowded bar market, manufacturers have to capture the eye of consumers seeking high-protein options which are in the same way appealing as their confectionery counterparts, said Laima Liepinyte, sale development manager, Health & Performance Nutrition at AFI.

With Lacprodan ingredients, they are able to create multi-layer protein bars with a palette of textures and a soft, light and creamy mouthfeel. And also delivering pathways to success for wellness-focused manufacturers, this new concept opens new doors for high-protein confectionery products.

The brand new concept will undoubtedly be launched on 15 September in a webinar hosted by the Danish company together with Nutrition Integrated. It will be showcased at SupplySide West, being held in NEVADA on 2-3 November.

Viby-headquartered AFI a 100%-owned subsidiary of Arla Foods is really a global leader in value-added ingredients produced from whey make it possible for the development of natural, functional and nutritious foods.

The companys functional and nutritional whey proteins, milk minerals, lactose and whey permeate have already been which can promote nutrition, improve texture, prolong freshness and increase yield.

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