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Poland Now Has Enough GAS And Coal Supply For Winter

Poland has secured its way to obtain gas and coal for the coming winter heating season, the country’s largest coal and oil firm and a senior politician from the ruling Polish party said on Friday.

Polish energy firm PGNiG said in a statement on Friday that it has secured its gas supply for the 2022/2023 heating season and can utilize 100% of the capability on the brand new Baltic Pipe Project likely to start operations on October 1. The Baltic Pipe will carry gas produced offshore Norway to demand centers in Poland.

In recent weeks, PGNiG has secured additional gas supplies from companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Because of those additional supply contracts, along with domestic production and LNG imports, the business can meet all of the demand from its customers this winter, PGNiG said.

Poland was one of the primary EU member states to possess its pipeline gas supply from Russia take off entirely by the end of April after refusing to cover in rubles for Russian gas as Putin had ordered.

By the end of last month, a gas interconnector between Poland and Slovakia entered into operation, looking to ensure affordable supplies and diversify supply routes.

“The project aims to diminish the EU countries’ reliance on a single gas supplier, open usage of new supply sources to Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, facilitate the marketplace between Northern and Southern Europe and raise the integration and coordination of regional gas markets,” the European Commission said at that time.

Poland in addition has secured its coal supply for the short-term by boosting domestic production and importing coal from america, Colombia, Tanzania, South Africa, Australia, and Indonesia, Krzysztof Sobolewski, secretary general of the ruling Law and Justice party in Poland, told the Polish press agency, PAP, within an interview on Friday.

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