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Police: 2 confirmed dead after truck drives into barbecue

THE HAGUE, Netherlands A truck drove off a Dutch dike and slammed right into a neighborhood barbecue in a village Saturday evening, and police said two different people were confirmed killed and multiple individuals were injured.

Police were attempting to determine why the truck left the street in the village of Nieuw-Beijerland just south of Rotterdam and careered down the medial side of a dike.

They said in a statement said that the driver, a 46-year-old man from Spain, was arrested within the investigation and taken up to a police station.

The reason for the crash had not been immediately known. For the moment, we have been keeping all scenarios concerning the facts open, the authorities statement said.

Photos of the scene showed bunting hanging between trees and chairs scattered around trestle tables.

Police worked in to the night round the truck before a crane and a tow truck hauled it back onto the street.

Local Mayor Charlie Aptroot visited the scene Saturday night.

My condolences venture out to the victims, their own families, eyewitnesses and first responders, he said in a statement.

He added he had spoken to numerous of individuals at the scene and expressed appreciation for how folks are there for every other.

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