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Polygon Is Up 10% As MATIC Integration Increases Through Meta And Robinhood Listings

  • Polygon is up 10% this week as new brands announced their integration with the MATICcrypto
  • Meta and Robinhoods support for Polygon has helped the crypto to jump 10% with regards to pricing.

Ethereum layer 2 solution Polygon has jumped nearly 10% after its recent integration with leading platforms like Meta and cryptocurrency exchange Robinhood.

The crypto is up nearly 10.5% earlier this week and happens to be sitting at $0.8952.

Robinhood Announces Polygon Integration



On September 1st, cryptocurrency exchange Robinhood announced that the platform is ready to integrate MATIC into its ecosystem. The firm further shared that the Robinhood users can deposit and withdraw MATIC on the Polygon network.

Hey! Now you can receive and send MATIC on the Polygon network as well as the Ethereum network.. Support for more cryptocurrencies on more networks just around the corner Robinhood tweeted

Hey! Now you can receive and send MATIC on the @0xPolygon network as well as the @ethereum network. Support for more cryptocurrencies on more networks just around the corner.

Robinhood (@RobinhoodApp) August 31, 2022

Furthermore, among the leading NFT marketplaces OpenSea had also announced its support for Polygon via Seaport. The firm further tweeted that with the help of Seaport, industry can truly add more features and listings on Polygon to improve network interaction.

With the Seaport-Polygon integration, OpenSea intends to introduce a range of new features and functionalities including offering elements like no listing thresholds, Multiple creator payouts, and bulk transfers.

During writing, Polygons native token MATIC is trading at $0.8959, up 5.89% within the last 24 hours. Per the info from Coinmarketcap, Polygons trading volume has surged 44.81% within the last 24 hours accompanied by a notable 5.80% upsurge in its market capitalization.

Another factor driving Polygons sudden price rally is its latest integration with Zuckerberg-backed Meta. In its recent bid to improve the interoperability factor of the Metaverse, Meta has launched a cross-posting feature between Facebook and Instagram that the users can access via Polygon NFTs.

Polygon in addition has announced another collaboration with Metaverse platform Carrieverse to scale up Carrie and friends Metaverse adoption.

Per the state press release, Carrieverse is made forGeneration Z and Alpha, mirroring real-world social content, including games, education, and commerce. Users can build their very own world and NFTs while enjoying the creative digital experience and content ownership.

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