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Portugal, France battle big forest fires as mercury soars

Motorways in southern France were affected by the fires with some having to be closed
Motorways in southern France were suffering from the fires with some needing to be closed.

Portugal and France on Sunday battled major forest fires as temperatures rose sharply this weekend.

In Portugal, a blaze broke out in the Mafra area, north of Lisbon, during France at the very least four were seriously injured and motorways were closed.

Around 400 firefighters were drafted directly into fight the blaze around 40 kilometres (25 miles) north of Lisbon.

Residents tried to slow the advance of the flames by hosing their gardens, because the flames also swept through neighbouring forests, in accordance with television images.

A retirement home housing 30 people was evacuated as a precautionary measure, Commander Paulo Santos of the Civil Protection Authority told Renascenca radio.

Elsewhere, other major outbreaks raged in northern and central Portugal, requiring over 1,000 firefighters.

In central Ourem, a river beach was also evacuated as a precaution, while two different people suffered , in accordance with a crisis official quoted by the Lusa agency.

Elements of northern and central Portugal were positioned on alert this weekend when confronted with “steep temperature rises” to a lot more than 40 degrees Celsius, (104 degrees Fahrenheit) likely to last until at the very least Tuesday, based on the meteorological institute.

Experts blame climate change for the soaring temperaturesand warn that worse is yet ahead.

Portugal, which remains traumatised by the deadly fires of 2017 which killed a lot more than 100 people, was also hit in early July by way of a group of fires fanned by scorching temperatures.

Because the start of the year, a lot more than 58,000 hectares (143,000 acres) have risen in smoke, based on the latest, still provisional, data from the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF).

New fires, meanwhile, broke out in southeastern France on Sunday, with 350 hectares burned in Gard in which a was seriously injured, and 35 hectares near Marseille hit, evoking the partial closures of motorways.

“Four firefighters are injured,” announced Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin in a tweet concerning the which broke out around 3: 00 pm in a in the city of Aubais, south of Nimes.

One of these was “seriously injured” and needed to be evacuated by helicopter to the Montpellier hospital centre for burns to the hands and face.

Others were more slightly injured carrying out a reversal of the flames by the wind which partly destroyed their vehicle, Eric Agrinier, who coordinated the operations, told AFP.

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