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POSOBIEC: Biden Behind Child Trafficking Operation at Southern Border

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec dug in to the details of a fresh story that reveals the Biden regime has been flying thousands of unaccompanied migrant children to sponsors.

That is just an unbelievable story, obviously, we realize War Room Steve Bannon had this story today Be sure you head to The Post Millennial, take a look out, and understand whats going on. A federal whistleblower has come forward to Savannah Hernandez, who was simply with me in Davos, said Posobiec, recounting how Hernandez was with him when he was detained by World Economic Forum-aligned police earlier this season in Switzerland.

Well now, Sav is back with another amazing exclusive. This federal whistleblower has come forward, to be honest concerning the secret night flights that the Biden regime is conducting. 2,000 to 3,000 children were told weekly, and thats just one single office. In the event that you include all of the offices from the border, it may be as much as 10,000 weekly, and theyre flying all of them across. Thats 40,000 monthly, flown all over the united states. Sometimes they will have sponsors, sometimes theyre vetted, sometimes unvetted.

Reading from The Post Millennials story, Posobiec says an anonymous whistleblower who works as a travel youth care worker for a federally funded contractor, shared that thousands of unaccompanied migrant children are increasingly being bussed and flown through the entire US and being handed off to unvetted adult sponsors.’

Posobiec notes that Hernandez reports the name of, MVM Inc., an organization whose focus gets unaccompanied minors from Point A, shelters, to Point B, sponsors, over the US.’

The story states that because of the overwhelming amount of border crossings, the employee shared that new hires for MVM Inc. aren’t being given proper criminal background checks, many people get hired, and their background hasnt even can be found in yet,’ he reads.

Remember, incidentally, in NY, Mayor Eric Adams has said these migrants, and we dont know if thats minors or simply all, which are coming to NEW YORK, that hes likely to put them up in an extravagance hotel in Times Square, Posobiec said.

It had been recently revealed that Democratic Mayor Eric Adams plans to convert the Row NYC, formerly referred to as the Milford Plaza and nicknamed the Lullaby of Broadway in Times Square, into an intake center and shelter for as much as 600 migrant families. The mayors office have not released any details but did tell the NY Post on Monday that the town has extended its deadline for receiving bids from organizations thinking about operating the guts.

Because of the mass level of migrant children being escorted, employees aren’t properly vetting the adults theyre handing these kids off to, he continued.

Shes even got a contact up, Posobiec continued: multiple conditions that were taken to the MVM site managers attention, including TSs (Travel Escorts) taking the liberty of accepting alternate documents without FFS approval.’

No serious country will be achieving this unless there is a particular reason. Youre considering an operation. You must understand that were considering a surgical procedure of not merely human trafficking, however in this case, child trafficking. We dont know, plus they dont know, who these children are, why theyre sounding the border. A ten-year-old girl was just raped and impregnated in Ohio over this. Were told that her mother could have known something about any of it. The stuff thats going on is totally insane. And the Biden regime, instead of actually reach underneath of it or stop it, end this example, theyre exacerbating it. Theyre establishing a toxic incentive structure, and good, honest folks are falling involved with it.

This must stop, which entire situation must be turn off, he concluded.

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