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[Premiering 9/8 at 1PM ET] Take the Duct Tape of Political Correctness Off THE MOUTH AREA and Speak the reality: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene | Facts Matter

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In this interview, Roman sat down with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to go over several issues, like the Jan. 6 political prisoners, her voting history as a first-term congresswoman, the impact lobbyists and PACs have on our political process, and how she copes with the barrage of death threats from proponents of the political left.

Greene recounts the reprehensible living conditions for Jan. 6 prisoners, which she witnessed during her stop by at a D.C. jail that inspired her to take the lead on forming a committee to research these incarcerations should Republicans get back the home in November.

Green also voices her need to be in a position to vote on bills which are single-issue but admits that Congress just doesnt work this way due in large part to the outsized influence wielded by special interest groups.

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