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President Biden tests positive for “rebound” COVID

President Biden tested positive for a rebound case of COVID-19 on Saturday morning after being treated with Paxlovid, his physician said in a letter.

Driving the news headlines: Biden isn’t experiencing new symptoms and “continues to feel quite nicely,” Dr. Kevin O’Connor said. “This being the case, there is absolutely no reason to reinitiate treatment at the moment, but we shall obviously continue close observation.”

  • Biden tested negative for COVID-19 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prior to the positive test Saturday.
  • The president will get into “strict isolation,” O’Connor said.

What he’s saying: “This happens with a little minority of folks,” Biden tweeted. “Ive got no symptoms but I will isolate for the safety of everybody around me. Im still at the job, and you will be back on the highway soon.”

Catch up quick: The presidents case likely stemmed from the Omicron subvariant BA.5, the most dominant strain of the herpes virus in the U.S., Axios’ TuAnh Dam writes.

The picture as a whole: Rebound” cases of COVID are easy for those that take Paxlovid, nonetheless it remains relatively rare, a Mayo Clinic study released in June found.

  • Pfizer’s leader told Bloomberg in-may that patients who experience a rebound of symptoms after taking Paxlovid should resume the procedure.

Yes, but: THE MEALS and Drug Administration said at that time there’s “no evidence” the next round of treatment can help patients.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with details throughout.

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