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Press Make an effort to Connect DeSantis Flights to Martha’s Vineyard…to Russia

You knew it had been coming. After Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two flights of illegal aliens to Marthas Vineyard, it had been only a matter of time prior to the press tried to tie it to Russia.

Affirmed, a fresh report is alleging that the business contracted for the flights has nefarious ties to the Kremlin. Is that reality? Well, being an FAA-certified commercial pilot and flight instructor, Ive got some thoughts.

NEWS: The little-known aviation company awarded the migrant “relocation” contract by the DeSantis administration purchased 6 helicopters from the Russian government in 2018 for $42 million. Other significant business with Kremlin-adjacent companies.

Scott Stedman (@ScottMStedman) September 17, 2022

Sounds awful, right? Clearly, VSC, the business involved, are secret Russian agents and DeSantis only used them because hes a Putin-stooge. But lets proceed through this because its obvious the reporter here simply does not have any idea what hes discussing.

Other bills of lading, however, show that VSC has imported helicopters directly from Russian government-owned corporations.

On December 13, 2018, VSC imported in to the Destin Executive Airport six helicopters from the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant in Russias ASIA district of Buryatia. The full total price of the transaction was $48 million based on the bill of lading. The document carries a description of the merchandise shipped in Cyrillic which means, HELICOPTERS: WITH AN INCREASE OF THAN 2000 KG EMPTY WEIGHT, CIVIL.

The very first thing to notice here isso what? The purchase was manufactured in 2018, a long time before Russia was put under any sanctions linked to the war in Ukraine. So there, this entire hit piece falls flat on its face.

Still, I discover the information on this hilarious. VSC is really a government contractor that also does flight training. Now, consider why they could import eight Russian helicopters. Can it be since they do flight training they were contracted through the government since the USA cant just venture out and purchase Russian helos themselves? Thats speculation on my part, nonetheless it makes much more sense compared to the proven fact that theres anything nefarious going on here.

Needless to say, even though the helicopters were imported exclusively for domestic use as cargo and passenger aircraft, just what exactly? The most famous general aviation airplane in the united kingdom at this time is manufactured by Cirrus, a Chinese-owned company. There will be nothing odd about operating Russian-made helicopters back 2018 (as well as today). You can find aircraft all around the sky at this time made in various different countries, and you can find specialized markets for different makes and models with respect to the job and clientele. That doesnt mean anything. Actually, I checked the registration database, and VSC has owned many American-made helicopters aswell.

But the best section of the report is this.

VSCs equipment, a lot of it imported from Russia or Ukraine, includes a history of faltering. A 2011 National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) review found a VSC fixed-wing aircraft crashed right into a field after experiencing a complete lack of engine power. The pilot, heard a loud, metal-on-metal sound, the NTSB reported.

The engine vibrated violently, also it subsequently quit completely. The airplane was force landed in a farm field and nosed over in the soft terrain. The three people aboard the plane weren’t injured. The plane suffered substantial damage.

Im sorry, I want one minute because I cant stop laughing. This absolute moron of a reporter is wanting to claim that because VSC has imported equipment from Russia, an engine-out in 2011 was somehow linked to that.

Engine-outs are rarely the fault of anyone, plus they eventually equipment created by all countries. You can find a large number of cases of engines quitting on American-made Cessnas, for instance. Thats an inherent threat of flight, a lot more so when coping with single-engine, piston-driven aircraft (that your plane involved was) where you dont have another engine to truly get you back again to a runway. Besides, one engine-out over an eleven-year period for an outfit isn’t that unusual. It might happen to any business should they fly often enough.

Everything concerning this story is yellow journalism. Its designed to paint an image predicated on slivers of information that dont commence to tell the complete story. And how is some of what’s reported relevant anyway? May be the claim really that DeSantis purposely contracted the corporation since it bought helicopters from Russia once? Its just asinine and insane. But thats the present day press the bottom line is.

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