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Problem? Nancy Pelosi insists her son had no business dealings when he joined her on the Asia trip

Theres been a string of convenient coincidences in the life span of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lately. First, her husband made some big chip stock trades right before a residence subsidy vote. Pelosi was asked if her husbands trading is ever predicated on information he receives from her, and the Speakers answer was definitely not (she then couldnt leave fast enough). Basically, Pelosi want us to trust this was a complete coincidence:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosis husband purchased around $5 million in commodity on a computer-chip company before a vote on legislation in a few days that could deliver vast amounts of dollars in subsidies to improve the chip-manufacturing industry, new financial disclosures show.

Paul Pelosi purchased on June 17, 20,000 shares of Nvidia, a high semiconductor company, worth between $1 million and $5 million, the Daily Caller reported, citing disclosure reports filed by the home speaker.

Senators are anticipated to convene as soon as Tuesday to vote on a bipartisan competition bill to create aside $52 billion to improve domestic semiconductor manufacturing and present tax credits for production, Reuters reported.

Next up in the full total coincidence parade may be the proven fact that Pelosis son accompanied her on the recent visit to Asia including an end in Taiwan. Oh, and hes also got business dealings there but nothing beats that occurred with this trip:

Pelosi insists that her son had no business dealings on Asia trip that she brought him on. Been there as well.

Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) August 10, 2022

Reporter: “There are several reports your son was with this trip with you, was he and that which was his role?”

Speaker Pelosi: “Yes, he was. His role was to be my escort”

Reporter: “Did he have any business dealings?”

Speaker Pelosi: “No he didn’t.”

Forbes (@Forbes) August 10, 2022

Anybody buying that certain?

I’ve heard this totally innocent and totally reasonable explanation before.

Emma-Jo Morris (@EmmaJoNYC) August 10, 2022

Pelosis claim may be slightly believable if her son didnt have business dealings in Asia, but do you know what:


Paul Pelosi Jr., Nancy’s son, was an unnamed guest during her tour of Asia & Taiwan

He is also on the board of Two Lithium Mining Companies, $SXOOF & $ATAO

PARTS OF ASIA produce 75%+ of the world’s Lithium Batteries

Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker (@PelosiTracker_) August 9, 2022

Unnamed guest. Gee, wonder why

Here’s Altair International Corp ($ATAO) describing Pelosi Jr.’s appointment to the board:

“His focus will undoubtedly be on Altairs corporate mission developing strategic partnerships with others in the lithium mining and related sectors.”

Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker (@PelosiTracker_) August 9, 2022

The facts are scarce on why Paul Pelosi Jr. accompanied his mother on a pure diplomatic visit.

For reasons uknown he had not been listed being an official guest of Pelosi on her behalf website.

Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker (@PelosiTracker_) August 9, 2022

Its almost like Pelosi was attempting to keep this as hush-hush as you possibly can, which it weird for a thing that she says was totally on the up or more.

Maybe they ought to raid her house to discover??

Rossetti (@stejSetti) August 10, 2022

LOL. Well take items that won’t happen for $500.

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