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Projecting When John Cena CAN MAKE His Next Appearance in WWE

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WWE has seen a wave of changes since Triple H took creative control in July, like the returns of multiple former stars.

Even though many of these names formerly worked beneath the Game in NXT, it doesn’t mean the entranceway is closed to more tenured stars returning to the business.

And there wouldn’t be many bigger comebacks in wrestling than John Cena.

The 45-year-old returned to WWE in June to celebrate his 20thanniversary with the business. He teased a potential match against AustinTheory, and fans have already been looking forward to the bout to eventually come tofruition.

Listed below are the very best short- and long-term ideas for the 16-timechampions go back to Raw and SmackDown.

Best Short-Term Option

Theory happens to be embroiled in a heated war of words andfists with Kevin Owens, however the current feud looks to be always a placeholder for Mr. Profit the lender.

After going for a loss to KO at ExtremeRules on October 8, the down-and-out Theory should get yourself a visit from a vintage friend.

Because the 25-year-old involves the ring on Raw talking aboutthe devastating defeat suffered the night time before, Cenas music should hit and heshould make his way right down to cheers from the crowd.

With Cena unlikely to partake within the next Crown Jewel eventfrom Saudi Arabia on November 5, he ought to be on WWE programming to create a long-termstoryline that culminates in a match at another live event in exactly the same month, SurvivorSeries WarGames.

As the show has already been intriguing following a inclusion of mens and womensWarGames matches, the addition of Cena to the card would help catapult thePPV back to top of the echelon of WWE shows, in the same way it’s been forthe most its existence.

Cena wouldn’t normally only be considered a major boost for Survivor Seriesviewership, but he’d provide much-needed star capacity to weeklyWWE television because the NFL season continues to impact ratings.

Best Long-Term Option

If WWE officials dont need Cena for the others of 2022, theyshould save his go back to in-ring action before Royal Rumble and invite himto be considered a surprise entrant in the 30-man Battle Royal.

With the crowd in San Antonio in a frenzy over his stunning return and the WWE Universe worked up about the near future possibilities, Theoryshould emerge from nowhere and dump the legend outrageous rope, establishing astory which could continue through WrestleMania 39.

WWE will undoubtedly be seeking to create unforgettable moments in frontof the LA crowd at SoFi Stadium in April. Finally allowing Cena to obtain hishands on a guy like Theory, who has been plaguing him since creating a return inJanuary, would supply the fans something to seriously value.

WWE will be in the best win-win situation in thisscenario, as Cena can earn a win and present the fans a happy momentseeing the nice guy get some good revenge. However, Theorys loss may lead to a Profit the lender cash-in later in the night time.

Following the devastating defeat, few will undoubtedly be thinking the25-year-old gets the credibility to function as companys top champion, but thatsthe beauty of it.

Whether its Roman Reigns or another person, Theory cashing into close Night 1 would create a wild Night 2.

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