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PROOF Announces Several NFT Events and Curated Art Drop

PROOF Collective has been burning the past half a year from launching Moonbirds and Oddities, to hosting events at NFT NYC and ticking over 100 PROOF Podcasts. In addition they grew their team to 30, including hiring a Director of Research and full-time PROOF analyst. Now, PROOF has released its plans for future years and what we are able to be prepared to see from the team in the coming months.

Lets have a look at the continuing future of PROOF.

pink circle with words 'future proof'
PROOF announces big plans for future years

Upcoming Events

Europeans rejoice as PROOF are moving out on a European tour. Named The PROOF Roadshow, these events are referred to as being less of a celebration and much more of ways to speak to others and learning one another. Some stops on the upcoming tour include Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, and London (during Frieze). Details will undoubtedly be announced on Discord, and you can find whispers of an Australiasian tour in the works.

Along with hosting their very own roadshow, also, they are throwing a PROOF Conference. This is a multi-day celebration of Web3, with art exhibitions, IRL mint experiences, and talks by leading figures in the area, likely to happen in mid-2023. If youre a PROOF Collective member you then get a VIP pass free of charge! Moonbirds and Oddities holders could have first access and discounted passes when ticket sales go live.

PROOF Collective Updates

Be prepared to see regular resources dropped by the collective in order to keep on their mission to create clarity and insights to the NFT space. This consists of monthly Deep Dives exploring new industries and sectors of the NFT ecosystem, an everyday newsletter, and weekly reports on trends and themes.

An example of a PROOF Daily newsletter
Daily insights provided to the Collective

Curated Products from PROOF

PROOF is striving to create more world-class artists up to speed. Consistent with this goal, they will have announced some curated products. Firstly, Grails will now be considered a 3-times per year event, plus they have previously begun curating season 3. Secondly, they’re enhancing their collaborations by making their smart contract expertise open to collaborating artists. This can subsequently bring more innovation and novelty to NFT projects.

Also, they are bringing a fresh product with their market PROOF Curated. The product invites top artists and curators to curate limited releases of these favourite emerging artists, all together with PROOF. The initial Curated drop is together with a season II Grails artists (yet to be announced).

Finally, they bring us Genesis. Through Genesis, PROOF provides established traditional artists and creators into NFTs for the very first time.

Two hands reaching with the word 'Genesis' repeated above
Bringing established traditional artists and creators into NFTs for the very first time.

PROOF certainly has huge plans this season. Along with all the above, also, they are thinking about a Moonbirds DAO and treasury, and also have just announced Moonbirds Mythics the initial official expansion to the Moonbirds collection.

To maintain up to now with all PROOF announcements, follow PROOF on Youtube or @bennyhsu_xyzon Twitter

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Koko is really a writer originally from Wales, now surviving in Australia. Koko is inspired by the creativity and innovation of Web3, and contains previously worked within NFT born brands. With passions lying in both creativity and mental-wellness, Koko can be a professional Therapist, and is captivated by the area between which self-love and creativity meet.

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