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Proof Collective Announces A Europe Tour Of TRUE TO LIFE Events

PROOF Collective has just announced a European tour because of its members, in addition to Moonbirds and Oddities holders, this October. These IRL meetups provides together the PROOF Collective members for an evening thats about the blockchain, crypto and NFTs, needless to say! Thinking about learning more concerning the IRL? Continue reading!

poster of the proof collective's roadshow in europe this october
PROOFs Europe Roadshow poster.

Concerning the collectives Europe Roadshow

The initial stop of the PROOF Collective is Lisbon on 7 October at Rove, an artistic hub and bar that describes itself because the intersection between urban surf culture, gastronomy & art. The next stop is Paris on 9 October. The collective will meet at Candelaria, a geniune Mexican taqueria in the famous Le Marais district.

October 12th sees the PROOF Collective in Berlin, at Berlins Funkhaus. London may be the last stop, with several meetups planned between your 13th and the 15th of October at undisclosed locations.

What’s the PROOF Collective?

The PROOF Collective can be an exclusive token-gated NFT community with 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists. The collective was in charge of the success of projects such as for example Moonbirds, Meebits and Oddities and continues to help keep a watch on the latest NFT projects.

To become listed on the the collective, you need to hold a PROOF Collective NFT. The Genesis NFTs were originally released and sold at 5 ETH each by Dutch auction. Nowadays, the collectives NFTs can be found on the secondary market, with the existing floor price on OpenSea being 54.9 ETH or $95,430.47 during writing.

As well as the European tour, you can find whispers of an Australasian tour and many other events in the offing. Included in these are the multi-day PROOF Conference, likely to happen in mid-2023.

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