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PS5 edges before Xbox Series X and S and F1 22 holds pole position | UK Monthly Charts

But overall market figures continue steadily to fall

Console sales dropped slightly in July weighed against June, with a fall in sales for several three major platforms.

Nearly 104,000 games machines were sold over the UK last month (GfK UK panel units), a drop of 16% month-on-month. Overall, this year-to-date, video game system sales are down 38%. Note: July has a month inside it, while June had five.

PS5 sales dropped minimal during July (down 14%), and for that reason its now the UKs second hottest console of 2022, just behind Nintendo Switch. PS5 and Xbox Series X continue being held back by stock shortages.

F1 22 holds top spot in July

1.79 million physical and digital video gaming were sold over the UK last month, based on the latest GSD figures.

It is a drop of 17% weighed against July this past year, and a fall of 32% weighed against June 2022.

The largest game of the month is F1 22, which holds the No.1 position for another consecutive month, after racing to the very best in June.

Otherwise, it had been another quiet month. The Quarry, that was also released in June, continues showing some legs at No.8. Meanwhile, the best charting new game is Nintendos Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which debuts at No.13 after seven days for sale.

Nintendo doesn’t share digital sales by yet, therefore Nintendo games could have charted higher if digital was included. When it comes to physical sales only, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was the best-selling game, F1 22 reaches No.2, while Nintendo Switch Sports, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe are in No.3, 4 and 5.

Several games, such as for example Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Far Cry 6 are back the charts following promotional activity.

The Horizon: Forbidden West Bundle

Regular readers might remember that Horizon: Forbidden West, which dominates the weekly physical charts (from GfK), doesnt factor at all in the monthly software figures (from GSD). It is because this monthly chart will not element in console bundles, as the weekly chart does.

The PS5 Horizon bundle is a bit hit, and during the last 90 days, 50% of PS5 console sales have already been of the state Horizon bundle.

The rise in fortunes for PS5, in addition to the variable that’s available stock in virtually any given week, could be related to the success of the Horizon Forbidden West Official Bundles — the initial which hit the united kingdom market in week 19 (May22), explains GfK games boss Dorian Bloch.

Because the official bundles launched, considering the 90 days of May to July, 50% of PS5 hardware was produced from both official bundles. This explains the high chart position for Horizon: Forbidden West in the box software charts of these weeks. Recently, the state bundles have accounted for less PS5 hardware, but many retailers are actually soft bundling Horizon: Forbidden West with standard PS5 consoles, particularly if they’re low on stock with the state bundles. All this implies that Horizon: Forbidden West continues to ride saturated in the program charts, having an original No1 at launch, and an additional five No1s long after launch, all because of bundles.

PS5 bundles boost accessories, too

551,038 accessories and add-on products were sold in the united kingdom last month (GfK UK panel data), a drop of 5.7% weighed against June and 4.8% down weighed against July this past year.

Both DualSense Wireless Controller White (No.1) and Black (No.2) continue steadily to lead just how. The fastest rising new accessory out there may be the Stealth C6-100 Gaming Headset from A4T, which jumped 147 places to No.5. That is because of bundle with the PlayStation 5 console at Argos.

Also of note in July was the surge on Logitech Driving Force G29 wheel for PS4 and PS5 (No13) and the G920 for Xbox and PC (No14) both major beneficiaries from Prime week, says Bloch.

The GSD UK July Top 20 VIDEO GAMING (Digital + Physical)

Position Title
1 F1 22 (EA)
2 LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Warner Bros)
3 Grand Theft Auto 5 (Rockstar)
4 FIFA 22 (EA)
5 Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar)
6 Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo)*
7 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Activision Blizzard)
8 The Quarry (2K Games)
9 WWE 2K22 (2K Games)
10 EA Spourts UFC 4 (EA)
11 Far Cry 6 (Ubisoft)
12 Elden Ring (Bandai Namco)
13 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Nintendo)*
14 NBA 2K22 (2K Games)
15 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (EA)
16 Mario Kart 8: Deluxe (Nintendo)*
17 Minecraft: Switch Edition (Nintendo)*
18 The Crew 2 (Ubisoft)
19 Grand Theft Auto Online (Rockstar)
20 Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Ubisoft)

Digital data unavailable

GSD digital data includes games from participating companies sold via Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Eshop. Major participating companies are Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Embracer Group (including Gearbox, Koch Media, Sabre Interactive), Focus Entertainment, Konami, Marvellous Games, Microids, Microsoft (including Bethesda), Milestone, Nacon, Paradox Interactive, Quantic Dream, Sega, Sony, Square Enix, Take-Two, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Nintendo and 505 Games will be the notable absentees, alongside smaller studios.

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