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PSVR 2 WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE Released in Early 2023

PSVR 2, PlayStation’s next-gen VR headset, will undoubtedly be coming sometime in early 2023.

In accordance with multiple PlayStation social media marketing sites across Twitter and Instagram, the next-gen PlayStation VR headset has locked in a release window sometime in the first months of next year.

The window was confirmed on PlayStation’s official Instagram account along with numerous PlayStation regional Twitter accounts from France and Brazil.

PSVR 2 is Sony’s next virtual reality headset. In accordance with Sony, PSVR 2 will feature an OLED display with 2000×2040 pixels per eye and a refresh rate as high as 120Hz. It utilizes inside out eye tracking and can have 110 degree field of view.

Sony also announced that PSVR 2 could have over 20 games at launch. The business can be developing exclusive VR games for the headset including Horizon: Call of the Mountain, in line with the popular Horizon series.

PlayStation VR2: Headset Images

As the specs of the PSVR 2 can rival that of the Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Index, it really is still a wired headset and takes a PlayStation 5 to use. These factors could become hurdles in comparison with the wireless Meta headsets, though those did get a price bump earlier this season.

Are you considering picking right up Sony’s next-gen PSVR 2 headset? Tell us in the comments.

Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s News Editor. It is possible to reach him @lawoftd.


PlayStation VR2

Another generation of PlayStation VR technology promises dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity in virtual reality.

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