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PUMA Hosts A Metaverse Experience For NY Fashion Week

Puma has launched exclusive NFTs with limited edition redeemable physical sneakers while unveiling its first metaverse experience called Black Station for customers. The brand unveiled this during its FUTROGRADE show at the brand new York Fashion Week, following a 5-year break.

Black Station: Pumas first metaverse website experience

Two decades ago, Black Station was PUMAs home for the state-of-the-art designs popular, said Adam Petrick, PUMAs Chief Brand Officer. Given the boundaries we have been pushing from the product design and digital standpoint, we found it fitting to create Black Station back as a fresh portal for digital exploration across fashion, sport performance, our heritage classics, and innovation.

Puma's limited edition sneakers
Among the limited edition sneakers associated with Nitropass

Furthermore, Puma described Black Station in a tweet as Our personal 3D spatial playground. A distinctive Web3 space that allows our NFT community and all PUMA followers to see the brand like nothing you’ve seen prior. Black Station can be an immersive place where consumers can connect. Also, Black Station is likely to evolve in the future. Consumer can enter Pumas Black Station where limited level of NFTs and physical sneakers can be found.

Puma also launched some exclusive NFTs

The initial two portals of Pumas Black Station site reveals new and exclusive sneakers the Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers which are from the NFT Nitropass mint. Customers who mint a Nitropass access two NFTs one NFT is associated with a redeemable physical product as the second NFT grants the buyer access to an event associated with their chosen sneaker. Successful minters of the NFTs will get their physical sneakers by burning their NFT.

Puma continues to explore the Web3 space

From if they rebranded to Puma.eth on twitter to if they partnered with Gutter Gang NFT. The German sportswear brand actively explores and thrives in the Web3 space. Needless to say, many clothing brands are making solid moves in the Web3 space. Surely, with the reinvention of Black Station, Puma ensures it isn’t left out.

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