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Putin Regime at ‘Beginning of the End’: Russia Expert

Vladimir Putin‘s regime reaches “the start of the finish” amid his faltering invasion of Ukraine, predicts Russia expert Iver Neumann.

The Russian president launched the invasion of Ukraine in late February, citing his need to liberate the separatist Donbas region, but has up to now struggled to attain his major objectives after being met with a stronger-than-expected response from the Ukrainian military. Fighting remains concentrated in eastern Ukraine,

The invasion was met with international backlash amid reports of alleged war crimes and too little justification. Most Western nations slapped Russia with sanctions, including on oil, an integral Russian export, in the weeks that followed the invasion’s launch. The sanctions have already been regarded as a blow the Russian economy and Putin’s leadership, though many Russians continue steadily to back their president.

But Neumann, a Norwegian political scientist who studies Russian politics, predicted the fallout could donate to “the start of the finish” of Putin’s leadership within an interview Radio Free Europe published on Saturday.

Putin regime
Vladimir Putins regime reaches the start of the finish amid the fallout of the Russia-Ukraine war, said Iver Neumann, a specialist on Russia. Above, Putin holds a gathering in Moscow on Tuesday.MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images

He pointed to myriad contributing factors which could negatively impact Russia’s economy, like the sanctions, companies fleeing in the aftermath of the invasion and the decrease in other countries’ willingness to simply accept Russian exports.

“So, since Putin’s tenure type of began 22 years back, hardly any, if anything, has really happened to the economy. And I think it is stunning a trained Marxist like Putin simply doesn’t grasp that material factors are of the essence,” he said, in accordance with Radio Free Europe.

Still, it’s difficult to predict exactly once the regime may collapse or what could follow, warned Neumann.

“His regime did an intensive job of rooting out what there is of organized liberal thinking and work in Russia. Harmful to the country, best for the Putin regime,” he said.

Russia-Ukraine War Continues

Neumann’s remarks come as Russia continues to battle to achieve its goals in Ukraine, plus some experts are suggesting that Russia could stay in threat of losing the war. The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense tweeted on Friday the Kremlin is “growing desperate,” and Richard Moore, chief of the U.K.’s MI6 intelligence service, wrote that Russia is “running out of steam.

Russia’s struggles through the entire war have already been attributed to the usage of outdated weapons, chain-of-command issues and poor troop morale, among other activities. Military experts also have suggested that america supplying Ukraine with HIMARSM142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systemscould change the tide of the war.

Still, the White House has warned a recent slowdown in Russia’s military operations in Ukraine is definitely not the military stalling. National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby told reporters on Friday that authorities believe the Russian military is regrouping to get ready for the sustained conflict.

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