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Qtum (QTUM) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025: Will THE PURCHASE PRICE Jump Beyond $50?

Numerous projects took benefit of blockchain since its introduction several decades ago to generate vibrant networks. These initiatives range between healthcare to finance. Qtum is one particular thriving project. The merchandise basic configuration enables the deployment of smart contracts upon several blockchains

The PoS algorithm can be used by the Qtum platform, that is built on the Bitcoin codebase and designed to function alongside smart contracts. Every program built on a platform like Ethereum could be simply used in the blockchain connected with any smart contract business.

QTUM has fluctuated a whole lot before few years. Not surprisingly, traders remain thinking about Qtum and so are currently considering its potential. Do you enjoy QTUMs price prediction? Join us once we explore the tokens potential price forecasts for 2022 and the years to check out.


Cryptocurrency Qtum
Token QTUM
USD Price $4.04
Market Cap $421,556,292
Trading Volume $42,984,561
Circulating Supply 104,292,348.50 QTUM
All-time high $106.88 (Jan 07, 2018)
All-time low $0.77 (Mar 13, 2020)

*The statistics are from press time.

Qtum (QTUM) Price Prediction

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2022 $4.695 $5.508 $6.509
2023 $6.011 $8.560 $11.414
2024 $9.355 $12.777 $17.560
2025 $13.805 $19.262 $26.195

QTUM Price Prediction For 2022

QTUM kickstarted the entire year on a bearish note with the price tag on $8 on the very first of January. Since that time the coin was rigorously carrying out a red line graph. On January 24th, the coin plummeted to $1.23 from where it showed a V-shaped rebound to $7.07 on the 8th of February.

However, the upturn was short-lived because the coin quickly fell down its support level. It had been trading for approximately $5 on the 15th of March. The asset then drifted sideways, staying nearer to its resistance levels before 26th of March. And the coin grew exponentially to attain $8, the bears took over once more the coin continued slipping down. It had been trading at $3 on the 12th of May.

The downtrend took no halt because the coin hit the cheapest price of $2 for the quarter. The coin sustained this price target for days thereafter and was trading for $4.34 during writing.

Qtum Price Prediction For Q3

Qtum can make decentralized applications in a sustainable environment through the use of Ethereums virtual machines. Additionally, through the use of the EVM, Qtum is guaranteed to utilize smart contracts and a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism. On a good mode, this assists the coin gather a fresh user base that could peak its price at $5.056. As the average value might remain at $4.359, bears could knock it only $3.746.

QTUM Price Prediction For Q4

An individual innovation called Account Abstraction Layer from the Qtum Organization is useful to assure the entire interoperability of both Bitcoin and Ethereum components. AAL might trigger higher interoperability soon shooting its price at $6.509.

However, normal investing pressures would keep up with the value at a rate of $5.508 normally. With that said, issues about usability and price may arise if the sentiments are preyed upon by bears. Having said that, the purchase price can fall to $4.695.

Qtum Price Forecast For 2023

The Decentralized Governance Protocol enables the platforms fundamental characteristics, including block size and gas fees, to be changed by smart contracts. All without needing to hard fork the blockchain network. This may potentially find yourself saving plenty of difficulties because the system develops and push its price to go up beyond $11.414.

However, a potential corporate catastrophe might lead to the price to drop to $6.011. Eventually, the common cost might reach $8.560.

QTUM Crypto Price Prediction For 2024

The network offers not just a safe, reliable, and uniform environment for developing and implementing smart contracts which are good for businesses. However the Qtum network also provides tailored services to commercial clients. That said, businesses could drive towards the platform landing its price at $17.560.

However, waning demand for altcoins and falling volumes could cause the purchase price to drop to $9.355. However, if investing pressures are balanced, the purchase price may reach $12.777.

Qtum Price Prediction For 2025

An essential element of blockchain governance on Qtum may be the participation of the complete community of developers, miners (stakers), and holders. They’re empowered to aid self-management, updates, and experimentation, via voting. Possible confidence locally can accelerate the coin to the touch the prospective of $26.195 in 2025.

In the long run, the averages shall follow at $19.262 in an extremely saturated market. On the other hand, the market could be suffering from characteristics of cryptocurrencies like staking incentives and compatibility with existing ones. The purchase price might then decline to a possible low of around $13.805.


Wallet Investor:

In accordance with Wallet Investors QTUM price forecasts, the Qtum value will rise to no more than $21.125. and at the minimum $2.212 by the entire year 2022. With that said, it really is anticipated that the coin will trade for typically $11.391. Based on the website, QTUM will trade for $21.125 by 2023 and $23.379 by 2025.

Trading Beasts:

Trading Beasts predicts that the QTUM Cost will reach a peak of $5.17290 by the finish of 2022. By the finish of 2023, the Qtum value may reach $4.61494 in accordance with website performance indicators. And by 2025s end, there could be a peak of $8.64296 per unit.

Digital Coin Price:

Based on the companys QTUM price estimate, by the finish of 2022, the altcoins value might reach a high of $5.90. The purchase price might drop below $5.31, though, if the trend changes. If purchasing and selling pressures balance, the purchase price might rise to $5.46. Analysts at Digital Coin Price have set a closing target of $6.762 because the highest price for 2025.

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Qtum is really a platform that incorporates the potency of the UTXO concept utilized by Bitcoin having an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The platform allows users to easily build and build relationships autonomous smart contracts whilst getting the advantage of the versatility of UTXO frameworks.

As an element of the project, a fresh virtual machine will undoubtedly be created which will let programmers create smart contracts counting on Rust that may connect to EVMs. Utilizing a consensus validation technique, peer-to-peer node administrators keep up with the Qtum blockchain, which runs which consists of QTUM token. The squads two main objectives are to research the answers to technological and financial issues.

A proprietary innovation called Account Abstraction Layer from the Qtum Organization is useful to assure the entire cooperation of both Bitcoin and Ethereum components. The Account Abstraction Layer (AAL) feature, based on the creators, facilitates communication between both Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Bitcoin network.

Fundamental Analysis

The projects creator and the top of the Qtum Foundation is Patrick Dai. Qtum is really a broad-sense blockchain that aims to repair the four key areas, which its founders encountered in the BTC and ETH blockchain frameworks. Namely, interoperability, management, rigidity, and expense of the proof-of-work mechanism.

Among the other issues that it seeks to come across is trouble linking smart contracts with useful applications. Account Abstraction Layer (AAL) and Decentralized Governance Protocol are two distinctive solutions on the Qtum blockchain that seek to handle this. Furthermore, integrating blockchain-based frameworks right into a selection of sectors, like finance, social media marketing, gaming, online publishing, and much more, are Qtums prime purpose.

Here are a few unique top features of the project worth mentioning

  • ARM VM & Qtum Neutron: The chain is supported by Rust program writing language and updates which make it simpler to modify and implement innovations in smart contracts because of Qtums ARM VM and Neutron interface.
  • Enterprise Blockchain Offerings: The business-ready blockchain term can be put on the Qtum blockchain. It includes a safe, reliable, and uniform platform for creating and executing smart contracts which are ideal for corporate use. The Qtum network also provides enterprise clients with tailored solutions.
  • The QTUM wallet: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android OS, Mac OS, online wallets, hardware wallets, along with other operating systems are supported by Qtums multi-wallet infrastructure.

Coinpedias QTUM Price Prediction

The actual fact the platform is continuously striving to create new and better features can pull it in to the limelight. In line with the 2022 Qtum price forecast developed by our expert panel. We are able to anticipate a climb in the QTUM price to $6.5 by the finish of the entire year, if its trading volume continues to improve.

However, if outside factors like laws or unfavorable comments from significant people impact the marketplace once again. The coin may trade for less than $4.7 at its lowest point. However, if investing pressures are balanced, the purchase price may reach $5.5.

Historical Market Sentiments


  • The Qtum coin reached a cost greater than $5 soon after the ICO.
  • It continued to go up until it reached a year-high price of $65.01 in December 2017.


  • On January 7th, the QTUM price traded at its all-time most of $106.88.
  • But a couple weeks later, it fell to an even that has been only 1 / 2 of its peak.
  • 2018 saw a continuation of the steady decline, with the token bottoming from December 10th at $1.69.


  • QTUMs price saw a little uptick from January to June, peaking at $5.91 on June 26th.
  • The cryptocurrency, however, lost its impetus once again in the next portion of the year and finished the entire year at $1.61.


  • QTUM hit an all-time low of $0.77 in March, before regaining momentum and rising to $5.36 on August 21st.
  • In the months that followed, it steadily increased, reaching $20.95 on April 19th and $35.38 on, may 7th.
  • For a short while on August 23rd, the price risen to $3.8252. Following the price dropped once again, it didn’t surpass $3 for the rest of 2020.


  • In February 2021, the Qtum price began to increase again.
  • The best price in 2021 was $35.38 for Qtum on, may 7th.
  • The cryptocurrencys price began to rise in August, peaking at $14.12 on August 13 and $16.12 on September 4th.
  • The price was oscillating round the $13 level during October 2021.

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The coin has immense potential and vibrant real-world applications. However, it is vital to drill in to the possible benefits and drawbacks of the token before overall. Here are a few of the major good and the bad of the coin.


  • The coin brings the very best out of both worlds, i.e., Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.
  • Developers can build smart contracts and alter them without the hard fork.
  • An easy task to build applications on EVM.
  • Scalable and confronts the price issue.


  • The coin must bring newer features to stand aside from its rivals.


Q: Is Qtum an excellent investment?

A: The protocol includes a strong team supporting it and many cutting-edge traits. It’s rather a good investment in the long run in addition to a scalable version for BTC plus ETH.

Q: Will QTUM have the ability to deal with its bearish market?

A: The coin has sturdy fundamentals also it might advance contrary to the bears if it fetches newer upgrades and practical collaborations hereafter.

Q: Exactly what will function as worth of QTUM by the finish of 2022?

A: The coin is expected to trade around the average cost of $5.508 by the final outcome of 2022.

Q: Exactly what will the minimum and maximum price of Qtum be by the finish of 2023?

A: The coin can strike record levels with a maximum and minimum trading price of $11.414 and $6.011 respectively by the finish of 2023.

Q: How high can the price tag on Qtum pass the entire year 2025?

A: The token can use of its bearish market to attain the best trading price of $26.195 by 2025.

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