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Queen Elizabeth Sat for Photo at Balmoral Days Before She Died

Queen Elizabeth Sat for Photo Days Before Death

9/18/2022 7: 01 AM PT

Queen Elizabeth‘s death has triggered an internationally outpouring of love for the longtime monarch, and you could see from her last semi-candid pic, she was dutiful and pleased to the finish.

This pic was taken during her last days, before meeting Prime Minister Liz Truss — her 15th btw.

The pic was taken at Balmoral, reportedly 48 hours before meeting the brand new P.M. She was clearly ill, and her aides reportedly suggested that maybe Prince Charles should greet the brand new Prime Minister, however the Queen wasn’t having it. She performed the ceremonial duties herself.

People from all over the world have already been waiting in lines which are so long it requires 24 hours to attain the casket, but waiting they’re.



The funeral will need place Monday, and much more when compared to a billion folks are likely to watch.

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