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Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Faith and Hope in Jesus Christ’ Inspired Her Service: Archbishop

Queen Elizabeth II’s duration of service was inspired by her Christian faith and by the life span of Jesus, who “came never to be served, but to serve,” the archbishop of Canterbury said through the funeral service of the beloved monarch Monday.

Her 70-year reign, from 1952 to 2022, may be the longest in the annals of the uk. She died Sept. 8 at age 96.

“Her late majesty famously declared on her behalf 21st birthday broadcast (in 1947) that her very existence would be focused on serving the country and Commonwealth,” Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, said within something at Westminster Abbey that has been infused with prayer, Scripture and spiritual reflection. “Rarely has this type of promise been so well kept. Few leaders have the outpouring of love that people have observed.”

Welby quoted Jesus in John 14:6, saying Queen Elizabeth followed Christ’s example.

“Jesus will not tell His disciples how exactly to follow but who to check out, said, ‘I am what sort of Truth and the life span,'” Welby said. “Her late Majesty’s example had not been set through her position or her ambition, but through Whom she followed. I understand His Majesty [King Charles III] shares exactly the same faith and hope in Jesus Christ as his mother, exactly the same sense of service and duty.

“Her allegiance to God was presented with before anybody gave allegiance to Her,” Welby said. “Her service to a lot of people in this nation, the Commonwealth and the planet had its foundation in her following Christ, God Himself Who said he came never to be served, but to serve also to give His life as a ransom for most. Folks of loving service are rare in virtually any walk of life. Leaders of loving service remain rarer. However in all cases, those that serve will undoubtedly be loved and remembered when those that cling to power and privileges are long forgotten.”

Christians believe death “may be the door to glory,” Welby said. Those that put their rely upon Jesus, he said, will dsicover Queen Elizabeth again.

“Christian hope means certain expectation of something not yet seen. Christ rose from the dead and will be offering life to all or any abundant life now and life with God in eternity,” Welby said. “We shall all face the merciful judgment of God. We are able to all share the Queen’s hope, which in life and death inspired her servant leadership service in life, hope in death. All who follow the Queen’s example and inspiration of trust and faith in God can with her say, ‘We will meet again.'”


Queen Elizabeth II DIES at 96

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