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Quickly: Readers sound off on the problems of your day

Whats Quickly? Its where readers sound off on the problems of your day. Have a quote, question or quip? Call Quickly at 312-222-2426 or email

The story about ISP being treated like some type of foreign enemy by Gary city council members is really a perfect exemplory case of why nothing ever improves for the reason that city. Gary has so much potential but you can find enough people in office who won’t escape their very own way since they think any outside voice is automatically wrong, nothing gets done. GPD is indeed strapped for cash theyve been struggling to put new officers on the road as the department cant afford firearms or body armor. The cars are falling apart any many dont have even radios. Yet once the mayor requests help and gets it, dopes like William Godwin have the audacity to run individuals there to greatly help out of town. I really like Gary, and I really like its people, but its well overdue for the federal government there to obtain their act together, pull their heads out of these butts, and do their jobs for the citizens. If Godwin and his ilk cant do not complain, they have to be shown the entranceway.

Dont let Jennifer Ruth-Green fool you into voting on her behalf. She will not support womens rights and she’ll vote along her party type of Republican Trumpsters exactly like the rest of the do nothing Indiana Republicans.

Raise your voice to all or any the parents that are dropping off their children at school and picking them up. Please stay off your phone of these times. My hubby has almost been hit the final two mornings by inattentive drivers. Give consideration because most of us have precious cargo.

Trump couldnt wthhold the presidency by way of a violent insurrection, but is currently attempting to usurp the powers of the presidency, by using pliant judges he appointed, like Judge Cannon, who’s giving his bogus claims of privilege serious consideration they don’t deserve. The claims are absurd on the face, and really should have already been dismissed beyond control. And could have been by way of a competent and impartial judge.

It doesnt matter just what a special master says. He took ” inside info ” federal documents, he refused to come back them, he ignored a subpoena and his attorney signed off on the search warrant. He could be guilty. Arrest him, as if you would do any civilian citizen, charge him, and incarcerate him. He could be a criminal. He could be not above regulations.

Trump was storing those secret papers at his home to safeguard them from falling in to the wrong hands. God bless his heart. He does more to safeguard America when he could be out of office than Joe does on the clock!

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Post Tribune


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What proof are you experiencing those who are of the moral character to denounce Trump dont have employment? You appear to be a broken record together with your get yourself a job rhetoric. Why dont you offer proof? I suspect for the reason that Trump supporters dont deal in reality or proof. Please just stop!

Why do we’ve a Supreme Court when politicians desire to change their rulings? The Politicians put them in office forever and that could be the issue. Times change and term limits seem sensible.

If individuals of Ukraine can sacrifice their lives to save lots of their country, minimal we are able to do is vote Republicans out to save lots of ours.

The truth that Donald Trump can take a rally while literally committing both treason and espionage is all of the proof you should know that america justice system is broken. He ought to be behind bars, not holding a a racist tally, seeking victim hood.

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced Monday it’ll investigate allegations that the Trump Justice Department sought to utilize the U.S. Attorneys Office to aid the then president and pursue his critics. This concerns Manhattan federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman who was simply fired by Donald Trump for refusing to accomplish his dirty work with him.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has proven he really wants to win regardless of what medical issue has been a new player. He really wants to bring his QB back early merely to get yourself a win and his players health will not matter.


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