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R. Kelly Denies He’s Expecting Baby With Fiance Joycelyn Savage

R. Kelly Sentenced to Prison in Sex Trafficking Case

Is convicted sex trafficker R. Kellyexpecting another baby?

The musician, 55, is allegedly getting ready to welcome a kid with fianceJoycelyn Savage,in accordance with what she seems to have written in a brief book,Love and Joy of Robert, released on Amazon.

However, regardless of the book allegation, Kelly’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean,told E! News that Savage isn’t pregnant with the singer’s child.

In the book, the26-year-old shared that after feeling ill, she thought she’d contracted COVID-19 but insteadlearned “the most beautiful news”that she was expecting.

“It had been a happy day but an incomplete amount of time in my entire life,” Savage wrote. “Today I’m grateful to God for giving me probably the most precious gift. Robert is incredibly excited about the news headlines that I’m expecting and feels sad that Robert will never be in a position to be here around.”

E! News has already reached out to Savage for comment but hasn’t heard back.

Elsewhere in the book, Savagewrote about her engagement to the disgraced singer.

She said that while Kelly was in jail,his team sent her “the most amazing gemstone” to her house. “Tears were raining down my cheeks,”Savage said, “and I was overwhelmed with joy, but additionally with sadness, I needed Robert to witness this very special moment in my own life.”

Savage first revealed she and Kelly were engaged in a Juneletter that she wrote on his behalf to the judge in his sex trafficking case.

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“I am Joycelyn Savage, and I’m Robert Kelly’s fianc,” shesaidat enough time. “I’m writing this letter to get Robert before his sentencing, therefore i can show the court that I’m not the victim that the federal government has portrayed me to be.”

Saying Kelly isn’t “the monster” that prosecutors alleged, she added, “We’ve an extremely special connection and so are deeply in love.”

Days after her letter was submitted, Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He previously denied all wrongdoing and plednot guilty to all or any counts, but was found guilty ofracketeering, bribery, coercion, enticement and sex trafficking in September 2021.


Threeyears ago,Savage appeared on CBS TODAYalongside Azriel Clary to describetheir relationship with Kelly as his live-in girlfriends.Savage said at that time, “He’s our full support and we’re his full support and all we are in need of is one another.”

This past year, Clary told CBSthat she finished up leaving Kelly’s Chicago apartment seven months after thatexplosive interview. She testified during his trial that she”had not been honest in the interview” and accused him of sexually abusing her, per the outlet.

Kelly shareschildrenBuku Abi (also calledJoann Kelly),Jay Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr.along with his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

In2019, Abi spoke out about how exactly she’s distanced herself from her father to produce a career in music on her behalf own. “Many people don’t know how exactly to separate his family from things that he’s got going on in his life,” she told HELLO Britain, per People. “Therefore my siblings and I, we worry very, very difficult and incredibly diligently to ensure that we’re achieving this on our very own and we’re writing our very own music and we’re rehearsing together.”

She added that she and her siblingswanted to have the message out that “we have been more” than Kelly’s children.

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