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Railbound Is Launching on September 6th for iOS, Android, and PC Platforms

Developer Afterburns new game, Railbound , was recently confirmed to reach worldwide in September. Afterburn has recently released Golf Peaks and Inbento, and logic puzzler Railbound is looking just like the developers most elegant game yet. Your aim in this game is piecing together various kinds of track sections to be able to develop a route of track to obtain a trains cars all linked to the train engine. After its release month announcement, Afterburn has confirmed that Railbound releases on September 6th. Watch the release date trailer below:

Before Railbound hitting storefronts the following month, you can test it from Steam free of charge here. It really is coming in at $4.99 on mobile and $12.99 on PC. Owners of Golf Peaks and Inbento could have an additional discount. Now you can pre-order Railbound on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for this on Google Play for Android here. Take a look on Steam here where one can wishlist it and find out about the game. Be sure to have a look at our forum thread for the overall game here. Did you try the demo on Steam before and so are you looking towards playing the entire version of Railbound the following month?

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