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Ray J Claims Kris Jenner Ruined His Life

Ray J isn’t letting Kris Jenner off the hook as he claims she ruined his life for a long time.

Ray J


Ray J had some words for Kim Kardashians mother, Kris Jenner, in the Shade Rooms comment section once they posted Kanye Wests backwards and forwards with her on Instagram.

THE MAIN ONE Wish artist claimed Jenner have been lying on his name and ruined his life while still feeling the necessity to trust God.

He could possibly be discussing when Jenner accused him of leaking the infamous sex tape which catapulted Kim Kardashians career.

It appears Ray J wants an apology from Jenner after she’s been calling him out for quite some time following the viral sex tape.

One will wonder why he taken care of immediately Kanye Wests post about Kris Jenner after claiming he was over it.

IN-MAY, Ray J announced he could finally exhale, after weighting a 14-year lie lifted off his shoulders.

He could be now looking for his truth amid all of the recent mayhem.

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