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Red Butler Review

The final two years have already been very busy and required much more travel than normal for me personally and my children. Ill typically book my very own travel and callAmerican Express when I’ve something more difficult than I could just book online. However American Express is really a bit centered on their unique programs and partners. They’ll take your frequent flyer numbers and hotel program numbers and utilize them if they book, however they wont necessarily look at your position all together and look for where for you predicated on your status level.

I started searching for other options offering concierge/travel booking/executive assistant type services convinced that whenever we are spending lots of time on the highway, this type of service could probably purchase itself by focusing onleveraging our status in a variety of programs to obtain us into upgradedaccommodations. I viewed several places and made a decision to try Red Butler. My goal was to allow them to have a whole view of everything about how exactly my children travels and also make our frantic schedule much more pleasant by thinking through all of the different options and locating the ones that could work best for usespecially when it found getting hotels.

Right concerning the time I was gettingsetup with Red Butler, we got a flat in Manhattan which meant I wasnt having to find a accommodation weekly. Since travel was only section of what RedButler offered I went ahead and try them out and see should they will be helpful in the areas aswell. This review covers my experience up to now.

How Red Butlers Works

Red Butler has plans with only 5 hours monthly completely around plans with 75 hours monthly. At the 15 hour and more impressive range, youare assigned a separate Account Manager to take care of your interactions with Red Butler, however your actual requests are handled from the pool of virtual assistants and travel planners. In accordance with this site, the Dedicated Account Manager will learn your requirements, then take your requests and assign them to the very best person for the work from the pool. This sounds good since it appears like youd obtain the benefits of a separate assistant having the ability to scale up quickly and also have multiple people focusing on various tasks if necessary. In actual practice, it doesnt work in this manner though and individuals from the pool simply select tasks they think they’re proficient at. Unfortunately, this means that every task somewhat starts from scratch because the person carrying it out doesnt genuinely have any context about you. They will have usage of a listing of your requirements, but that isnt always an excellent alternative to actually knowing someone. Youll see why in a few of the examples later.

Time is tracked in points. A spot is actually 20 minutes. So at the 15-hour plan you have 45 points monthly. If you go out of points in a specific month you can purchase more.

Your requestsare handled by way of a dashboard where you basically develop a ticket or issue for what you would like to be achieved. You may also call or text your Dedicated Account Manager and they’ll develop a ticket for you personally. In early stages my experience was that when you can call or text them directly, they sort of managed to get clear they are doing you a favor and would like you use the net dashboard to enter requests. Recently that appears to have changed and the Dedicated Account Managers seem much more aligned with attempting to help make the procedure work smoothly.


The dashboard demonstrates how many points you have gone and in addition shows just how many calls and emails have already been made in your stead. Itshows you just how many hours have already been done your behalf beneath the label Hours Saved. The Productivity graph is meant to show just how much timeRed Butler has saved you when compared to national average hours that employees waste every month.

It appears as if they’re sort of repositioning themselves to become a perk that companies can provide with their employees. So that you can basically give everyone usage of a certain amount of points monthly they can use to accomplish things that can make their lives easier. For instance, an employee might use it to create a doctors appointment or cope with an issue with the cable company without having to wait on hold. Unfortunately if their service switches to attempting to handle an extremely large numbers of people with just a couple of requests every month, they turn into a bit less beneficial to someone wanting more personalized help.

Red Butler USED

Just how does Red Butler work used? I think they will have some very nice potential when you can obtain the right people working your task. The example they provide on the website is your task will undoubtedly be assigned to someone named Karen who they describe as:

Karen has been an executive assistant for over 8 years and is situated out of NY, NY. As a vetted and trained RBA, Karen is preparing to apply her professional experience and expertise to obtain hands-on, accelerating your productivity. An excellent all-around admin and graduate of NYU, Karen also offers special expertise in online investigation, Excel and PowerPoint.

After with them for over per year . 5, I’ve tasks that go amazingly wellenough they mighthave been done by somebody who had experience being an executive assistant for 8 years. The majority of the tasks are done adequately enough they save me time. Occasionally we’ve somethat have a many more work or clarification than I believe ought to be necessary. Overall though, my experience appeared to be improving through 2016. Section of that is probably me learning more what forms of things certainly are a good fit for Red Butler and section of it really is probably Red Butler learning better how exactly to do what I want and improving their processes.

From 2017, Red Butler changed a few of the staff and a lot of my tasks have started being done by new people. It had been a little rougher than I’d have liked, but my account manager started going for a more proactive approach that appeared to be really helpinguntil my account manager left the business. A few of the new RBAs arent as acquainted with how to research the annals of previous tasks. While this is inconvenient, it appears like they will have implemented some better training programs for new people also it appears to have helped.

With that background, Ill finish this post by listing several tasks they will have done for me personally combined with the results


I coached my sons team and used Red Butler to call the parents to remind them of games, snack schedules, practice, pictures, etc. Once I acquired the set of the team, I scanned it and emailed it with my original request to call and tell everyone the practice time. Once that has been done I possibly could simply submit a request having said that something similar to, Please confirm with the rec center our game reaches 10: 30 Saturday andthen call the team to remind them Friday afternoon. Friday afternoon Id get a contact listing each parent and the status of whether RedButler had spoken using them or left a note. Whenever a new kid joined the team, it had been only a matter of emailing Red Butler and saying to add the brand new child/phone number on the decision list in the years ahead.

Dealing withSouthwest Outage

We were scheduled to fly back again to our home in Kansas from NYC for a weekend your day after Southwest had a large computer glitch. Between your 4 folks, we’d 7 large bits of luggage checked of items that needed to make contact with the house in Kansas. Our plane was there promptly, but unfortunately, the crew wasnt and the flight was canceled. With a large number of flights canceled, there have been huge lines at the airport and incredibly long wait times on the telephone. Since we werent likely to ensure it is home for the function we’d planned, we decided merely to stay static in NYC that weekend. I wasnt sure how exactly we could easily get our luggage even though we’d wanted it, and everything we checked had a need to get back to Kansas anyway. I texted myDedicated Account Manager at RedButler and informed her our preference will be to allow them to send the luggage to Kansas so that it will be where we needed iteven though we werent flying that weekend. We headed back to the city to obtain some sleep. After she had waited on hold for approximately one hour I suggested that it could be better to cope with each morning. The very next day, Red Butler had arranged for Southwest to take the luggage to the Kansas City airport and drive it 100 miles to my parents who live near our Kansas home. I didnt need to spend any moment coping with the airline and RedButler just made everything work perfectly. For me personally, this was an extremely big win. Despite the fact that our plans have been smudged, I could concentrate on my time on might work and being with my children rather than on expending hours on the telephone looking to get luggage in one spot to another.


We’d traded inside our car and purchased a different one. The offer I had exercised was to add Honda Care, however when I got eventually to the dealer they sold me another thing. I was under a period crunch to obtain back home therefore i made sure I possibly could cancel it and went ahead and purchased it anyway.

I submitted a request combined with the bill of sale asking them to cancel the warranty and look in to the cost of gettingHonda Care and Honda Prepaid Maintenance from the alternative party. The Red Butler Admin (RBA) did an excellent job to getting the paperwork started for the cancellation. She also got a quote for the Honda Care and discovered that if I’d like it, I will obtain it in the initial 6,000 miles. She didnt obtain the Honda Prepaid Maintenance quote saying that she have been told our car will indicate when it requires maintenance. (This appeared to indicate she didnt know very well what I was requesting, but I didnt pursue it.)

She could obtain the paperwork I needed and sent it if you ask me as a PDF to sign with instructions to fax it back again to the automobile dealer. Things got a little confusing from there. I could sign it, but I wasnt really setup to fax and was just on the point of can get on a plane, therefore i sent it back again to her to ask her to fax it. Another email I acquired gave me a contact address to send it to, therefore i went ahead and sent it. Needless to say, I’d have preferred that she go on and email it on rather than putting it back on me. I believe this might have just been a matter of crossed communication though. The dashboard does an excellent job of showing your interactions, however the RBAs will email you directly. So between your two chains of communication, I believe we just got things confusing.

I believe someone with just a little moreexperience could have gotten the quote for Honda Prepaid Maintenance the very first time since i have explicitly asked for this. An extremely good RBA could have also included an instant analysis of the expense of the prepaid maintenance vs. the as-you-go cost despite the fact that I didnt explicitly require that.

Overall I believe it went well and think about this someone to be among the better successes. It saved me plenty of telephone calls that was very convenient since i have was on a plane and dealing with litigant. This actually highlights what I believe is among the biggest strengths of Red Butlerthe capability to offer you aninterface to items that require waiting on the telephone once you dont have time and energy to sit and wait on hold or track people down and await a callback.

Send a CELLULAR PHONE to India

I had a need to purchase a Blackberry and send it to a pal in India. THEREFORE I sent the next request:

Please purchase and send a Blackberry Q5 or Q10 to XXXXXas something special. His address is in my own wallet therefore is my Amex Number. Ideally I’d like an unlocked phone, but a locked phone will be ok if it were significantly cheaper. New or used is okay. It is possible to source it from the united states or from India. An new unlocked Q5 from Amazon will most likely cost $129 so that it ought to be somewhere for the reason that cost range.

I simply have to send him the telephone. Extra packaging and accessories is only going to enhance the weight so that they arent needed when there is a method to ship without them.

Experience has been than sending through US mail includes a very high potential for getting there inside a week. Since UPS can simply exceed the expense of that, I send through postal service and just intend to send a different one if it doesnt arrive for reasons uknown.

When you can do this for under $200, proceed without checking with me again.

My wallet is really a secure area in your dashboard where they keep your computer data. I tried to provide an expected cost range, suggesting of the greatest shipping method, and a budget of $200 they could act within without needing my input again.

The RBA checked and discovered that she cannot ship right to the address in India from Best Buy or Amazon. It doesnt appear that she checked on sourcing it from India. She suggested they ship the telephone to RedButlerheadquarters and reship it from there. Two days later I forwarded her a text saying that the telephone have been delivered. She confirmed. Four days later she said they couldnt ship as the address was wrong. I said it had been correct and confirmed that it had been exactly the same I address I normally use and asked her what she felt was wrong with that address. She thanked me (but called me Mike) and said shed keep these things try shipping it again.

The very next day I got a note saying:

Upon confirming with Red Butlers Headquarters, unfortunately they’re struggling to delivery your package to India because of the address not complying with any acceptable UPS, FEDEX or USPS mailing destinations.

She continued to say she’d ship it back again to the house. I quickly replied that she shouldnt send it back again to my house since i have wasnt there and wouldnt be for a couple weeks. I reconfirmed that the address was correct, provided the GPS coordinates and my friends email in the event she wished to verify the address with him directly. I also asked again if she could tell me what section of the address she felt wasnt right.

Another email I acquired had a customs form to complete from UPSeven though I had strongly suggested using USPS and had given them the knowledge they ought to have had a need to fill it out themselves. I eventually got a contact back saying that she had tried to utilize UPS plus they were complaining concerning the country code and suggested utilizing a different code. I typed the quantity they suggested into Google also it came up being an area codein another country. I also sought out the quantity I had originally given her also it developed the precise area where my pal lives and where we had a need to send the telephone. I also showed her how exactly to search for the region in Google Maps.

Somewhere in here I emailed my Dedicated Account Manager and asked her if she may help. She sent me an application to place the address in line by line. Idid and sent it back again to her, but that still didnt appear to help.

Finally I acquired on a call with my Dedicated Account Manger and Red Butlers Business Development Manager and told them I give up this task also to just send the phoneback if you ask me. They said that Red Butler doesnt typically cope with physical tasks, however they tried taking it on for me personally and probably shouldnt have. I explained that I was more concerned that I was having to instruct the RBA on how best to type postal codes into Google to see what area they represented and suggested that must have been their first rung on the ladder. Further I questioned if the Dedicated Account Manager was actually assigning my tasks to the perfect person to perform them as their website indicates. I was told that no, the dedicated account manager doesnt assign the tasks and the RBAs actually select their tasks themselves. I tried for more information concerning the role of the Dedicated Account Manager since it appeared to me they should have had the opportunity to obtain involved earlier when it became clear that the duty had not been progressing. I was basically told that the DAM had taken care of immediately every email I had sent her. I decided to try even more tasks and see if we’re able to look for a better solution to interact.

So essentially my takeaway with this one was that the Dedicated Account Manager offers you a spot of contact, but isnt really acting in a proactive solution to make certain things are receiving completed correctly. For those who have concerns, you will definitely have to contact them in early stages rather than expect them to jump in by themselves.

Basically, this is actually the only task that Ive felt was a whole and utter failure.

Itinerary for Visitors

We’d some friends arriving at check us out while I was on a project in NY, therefore i gave Red Butler a listing of things we absolutely wished to see using them, a listing of things we may desire to see using them, a listing of our children ages, and asked them to construct a schedule we’re able to follow that could have us hit the places to take them alongside suggested restaurants. I also asked them to see if there have been package deals that people should consider that could cover most of the places we wished to see. I also said I especially wanted options that could avoid lines either through going when things werent busy or with passes to miss the lines.

The initial result was basically a listing of places copied from the net. For instance, I had said we wished to head to FAOSwartz should they had exposed in a fresh location. The RBA simply gave me the address of thecurrent store that they had announced will be closed by enough time our friends were coming. The list also included a Mars-themed restaurant that were closed since January 2012.

I contacted my Dedicated Account Manager and asked if my request was unclear or easily was requesting an excessive amount of. She said everything looked good on my end and spoke to the RBA. The edit I acquired was far better. It mapped out an everyday arrange for seeingthe things on our list plus some recommended restaurants near those attractions. She also noted when certain museums were free and noted those that offer reciprocal entry via ASTC where both of our families have memberships.

Apart from needing to keep these things return back and re-read my original request, that one was great plus they provided much more information than I would have situated on my very own.

Ordering Books

Barnes and Noble prints some nice classics in a simulated leather binding that I love. They arent particularly expensive and the choice changes as time passes. I previously had ordered several these books but wished to get any new ones which were currently available. I gave RedButler usage of my account plus they determined what I had and what I hadnt and ordered the people I didnt have. Every couple of months I’ve them look for new books in this binding that are offered. Usually it works ok although there is some confusion at one point plus they ended up benefiting from books in various bindings.

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